“Lets be on our feet”

“We begin by giving thanks to God for what he did in our midst yesterday. “

Opening Prayer: Thank you for your visitation in our midst yesterday.We give you praise, we give you honour. We are taking off today. We invite you to come and take control. Holy Spirit, you are the chief executive. Take absolute control of this meeting this morning. We commit this meeting into your hands, in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Every contrary spirit in this atmosphere, contrary to the prosperity and wellness of the saints, be arrested, be paralysed in Jesus Mighty Name. Any contrary spirit that followed us to this place, be swallowed up, be buried alive. May this place be your burial ground. We shall all prosper. We are walking from fortune to fortune, from honour to honour, from Glory to Glory in Jesus Mighty Name. We invoke the Blood of Jesus like rainfall over this atmosphere, this environment, soak us with your blood, distinguish us, sanctify us, prepare us for your glory that you have prepared for this year. Thank you father, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

I taught one of my daughters a song yesterday and i want us to sing the song with Militancy:

Enough is Enough (2x)
Holy Ghost Arise Oh!
Enough is Enough

Holy Ghost I fear you
You are a consuming fire
I fear you
You are a consuming fire

Come by Fire, Come by Thunder
Come by Force, Come by Fire
Come by Thunder, Come by Fire,
Fight my battles for me!

PRAYER: I declare you an incontestable winner over every battle you bring to this ground. Receive your victory now in the Name of Jesus.

Say with me:

“The battle Gear has changed, it has changed from failure to victory. My battle gear has changed, it has changed from failure to success, from barrenness to fruitfulness, from break down to breakthrough, from poverty to riches, from sickness to wellness in the Name of Jesus. Thank you Father, Hallelujah!”

Before we go into today’s very important topic, i want to conclude what we started yesterday afternoon. I gave you three keys. Tell me the three keys for Hearing the Voice of God.

1. The Word of God

2. Purity

3. Covenant


Leviticus 11: 45
Leviticus 19:2
Leviticus 20:26
1 Peter 1: 15-16

When God says “MUST”, it becomes a command!

The key to holiness is consecration. If you are not consecrated the devil will mess you up. It will make your holiness sermon to be nonsense. Be ye HOLY for I am HOLY.

I am telling you why you are not hearing God up to 50 times a day. The reason why many people go to pastors asking them what is God saying over their matters. He didn’t say: ” Pastors, ye must be HOLY.” He said: “…SAY THIS TO THE CONGREGATION OF ISRAEL, “BE YE HOLY AS I AM HOLY.” We are the spiritual Israel. He didn’t say, “be ye holy,” to the priesthood of Israel. He said, “SAY THIS TO THE WHOLE CONGREGATION OF ISRAEL.” We belong to the commonwealth of Israel, we are the spiritual Jews. If our Heavenly Father says he is HOLY, we must be HOLY. It means that we have capacity to be HOLY, but i tell it to you without consecration, and he told us in that scripture above, I am the one that saveth you from languishing in Egypt. He separated us. Consecration means being separated. Until you are separated, it becomes difficult to be HOLY. You must pass the test in the school of consecration before you can be declared to be Holy.


If consecration means be separated, do you know that a separated man/woman cannot do what other people even other believers do.

Everybody love parties. In 2004 to 2005, i made a vow of consecration. I needed to get to some level in fellowship and power realm, and i discovered that anytime i got up, something pulled me back. So i now made a vow of consecration. I made a vow that i go not to parties anymore, i eat no strange food anymore, i drink no strange drinks anymore, no more parties, even if it is a matter of the dead, let the dead bury the dead). The day i made the vow, infact i just finished making the vow and i received a phone call from my siblings. They said my aged mum was sick unto death. Well i said we cannot stop an old woman from dying when she is already old (she was in her early 80’s) and i prayed one prayer, that Lord, why is it now that i just renewed my vow to be wholly consecrated to thee that i receive the news that my mom is sick unto death.

I am teaching you the crazy faith of Elijah, and i told you yesterday that you are greater than Elijah. (Matthew 11:11) so that you can move in the same of power. I said Lord, if my mom dies now & i just made a vow that i will not go to parties for the next ten (10) years. I now prayed a prayer & said the Lord should defer her death by 10 years.

I did not even tell them that give her the phone, let me talk to her, i did not say anything but i made that prayer in faith & i know the next call i will hear will not be that mom is dead. The next call i got from home was not from my siblings it was from my mom herself praising me saying I am now hale and hearty.

I told you it was around 2004 not beyond 2005. My mom did not pass away until year 2015, ten years later. There is POWER IN CONSECRATION. The reason why you have epileptic blessings, breakthrough today, breakdown tomorrow is that you are not sufficiently consecrated unto YAHWEH. Elijah locked up HEAVEN for Three and a half years (3 1/2 years). I locked up the gates of hell because if my mom had died at that time, she would have gone to hell. I came from a Muslim Background. Do you know what happened when you pray prayer of consecration? It answers all other needs of your life… God bless me, God give me…. ONE prayer of consecration will cover multitude of needs in your life.

Do you know what God did with that one prayer? I said Lord postpone the gate of hell. Help me to shut down the gates of hell. Give her 10 more years. I just made a vow that i am not going to any parties. I am not going to any burial. Not only did God add 10 years to my moms age, but also in those 10 years, God catapulted me into places above my siblings. The position and blessings that nobody in my family lineage has ever reached.

Prophetic: Holy Spirit I hear you. Do you know what the Lord just said? May God bless you to hear him. How can one say it is my thoughts? Another voice spoke from behind me, different from what i am thinking and I know that it is him. Do you know what he Just told me? HE said tell them your CONSECRATION JOURNEY. How did God overbless me in 10 years? I did not pray for God to bless me.

All of you who are prayer collectors, pastor pray for me! pastor pray for me! You are not seeking the right things. First, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Stop praying for additions- God bless me with a car, spouse, home- they are additions (i.e it shall be added unto you), THE FOUNDATION FOR ADDITIONS IS ADDICTION TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Why not seek that one First? Matthew 6:33

Stop praying for spouses, jobs, houses, breakthroughs, seek ye first.

Prophetic Declaration Every body say: Additions will come when i become addicted to the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. The additions will come when i become addicted to the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. They are supposed to be added, they are not supposed to be prayed for.

I prayed the Kingdom of God, the righteousness of God down into my life and in the 10 years, my life EXPLODED in business, blessed above my siblings. My Father was a wealthy man (anybody that has houses over ten [10] is a wealthy man), but when i prayed the righteousness and kingdom of God into my life i was blessed.

Stop praying over something and going to check it, when you plant a seed dont go back later do dig it up and bury it again, will that seed never grow. (i did not go back the next day to call them how is mummy doing). That is what i call crazy. I refused to call because i have settled it. I settled it not with one or two weeks, i settled it with ten years!

Two weeks later, my mom called me hale & hearty but she was still not saved. So what did God do? God began to bless me above all my siblings. It got to a point my mom said she wants to come & spend holiday with me, because what i have none of my sibling had. Here and there planted houses, not bungalow, but duplexes. Out of 6 children, i was number 5. After she came, inspected the beauty that her husband, my late Dad never had, she said you are Greater than your father because of this one house i see, this palatial mansion is more than all the ten that your father built.

She was a witness that witnessed her husbands ten houses. She said this one house is greater. I told mommy, the one that built this house for me, the one that made me greater than my late father is here. Are you ready to surrender yourself to him? She said i believe in Allah. I said i am talking of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God. By the time i finished, she said lets go. I led her to Christ.

The following year, she went back to town. i asked my driver to take her back to town. All my siblings that came to welcome her, mama how is it? She began word of mouth evangelism, your brother is living in a palace, he is greater than your father.

Prayer: God will place you above every of your neighbours.

The following year, my mom said, I am going to visit my son again. As soon as she arrived, I led her to Christ again (3 times). The third time I led her to Christ, she said but we have done this before. I said yes, let us do it again. I wanted to be sure that she is saved.

The third time, I led her to Christ, it was in a new house. Between two to three (2-3) years I had built another new house. She came to visit me at the new place. She was marvelled. She said this place is better than the former, I said Yes Mummy.

I didn’t pray for blessings, I didn’t pray for houses, I just prayed a consecrated prayer. I dont want to go to any party, i do not want to bury the dead, and Lord if my mom is among the dead, resurrect her. Give her ten (10) more years.

By the time my mom was about dying 10 years after, fear gripped all of them. Every of my siblings had no dime in pocket for burial ceremony. I just dispatched my wife. Be my ambassador at the family meeting. My mom had not died but had knocked the door & hospitalised at age 92. Prayer of consecration! Prayer of Righteousness! Let us be addicted to the right thing First. Every thing called additions will be magnetised to us. By the time my wife got to the family meeting, she got there in a palatial car. By the time she drove in, all my siblings were just looking at her. Do you know why the woman refused to die, because i prayed that God should give her ten (10) years. Even though i was not in town, she won’t give up until i arrive. The doctor had given up on my mom. They said this woman is aged, stop giving her drips, what else do you want? They agreed but our brother is not yet around.

Prayer: The Islands shall wait for you. The aliens shall wait for you. The heathen shall wait for you. The Gentiles shall wait for you. The nations shall wait for you in the name of Jesus.

So, i dispatched my wife to go for that meeting. That car was so big and palatial that all my siblings had the meeting in that car fully airconditioned and each of them sat comfortably. When each of them raised a need, we dont have money, we dont have this.. what my wife said througout the meeting was don’t worry, we will take care & we took care!

I never prayed for God to bless me before Mama died. What i only prayed for was Consecration! I said Going to so many parties, What are you gaining from those parties? They will say i am a witch if i do not go, they will say i am not happy with their wedding ceremony that is why i did not go. Stop that! Enough is Enough. Be addicted to God and his Righteousness! and see how he will lift you.

Prayer: All the ones accusing you as a witch for not coming to their parties shall be the one to praise you when God lifts you. Amen.

It was a glorious burial ceremony. As soon as i landed, i came to meet my mom in the hospital, grabbed her hands and said mummy it is well, if it is time to go, i will meet you in heaven. I am so sure she went to Heaven. she couldn’t talk again, but as soon as i went out, she was calling my younger sister, the last born (she managed to say just one word). I don’t want to die in hospital, take me home. They took her home that evening, before morning mama had gone.

Before she died, we had prepared everything that was needed for the burial, it was glorious.

As soon as we finished very palatial burial ceremony, a week later, myself and my wife travelled to dubai to have two (2) weeks rest.

Prayer: They call it splendor. They call it Majesty. They call it Abundance. You will never see lack. The lack you saw last will be the very last in Jesus mighty name.

Don’t say amen without attaching the condition,


And i told you holiness is a product of consecration. It is easier for you to be holy if you are consecrated.

If you are not HOLY, you cannot walk with GOD. Which hand will GOD use to grab your dirty hands? GOD doesn’t touch dirty hands. UNHOLY PEOPLE CANNOT WALK ON HOLY GROUNDS. UNHOLY PEOPLE CANNOT WALK WITH A HOLY GOD!

I am talking of how to hear GOD more than 50 times a day.

It is a journey of CONSECRATION. It is a journey of PURITY. It is a journey into the deeper depths of the WORD OF GOD. It’s a journey of deeper covenants with Yahweh!

In this Christian Journey, don’t run away from this narrow path. Narrow path does not afford you the opportunities to go to parties.

I got a very fantastic Job. That job requires me as part of the packages of that job to be present in every function. I am not a function man. I was still living that consecrated life while that job came. You have to go around to many functions. In a day they might be up to five to ten functions. By the time you go back to the office in the evening, you are useless. By the time you leave the functions it is almost past office hours. You just proceed to rest at home. Functions that are attached to the office and has no meaning to your spiritual and personal life.

When i got the job i did not understand but in the course of the job in the first few weeks i asked “is this how the job is?” or “is it because i just came in?” I was told it is not because i just came in, but it is part of the package.

I told my BOSS, not to take me to any function he wants. I follow you no more. Let me stay in the office and handle all office work. I was an ICT professional. I said you cannot do ICT jobs partying about. Allow me to settle down. Just do your job & i will do my own. I do not need to follow you about.

That thing was about to contaminate my consecration because everywhere you go, there is drinks, there is dancing. It was too much. Every top Government officer, we receive ambassadors, governors, all manner.

It will contaminate my consecration. I love the job, but i do not love the packages attached. So i went to God and prayed back the prayer of consecration. After that he said, i agree with you, you should go back & face your job.

As soon as you are consecrated, all other things become additions. When God wanted to talk to Moses, he said, come up hither, come up higher. When he wanted to carry the ten (10) commandments, he said come up higher. God is more than enough. He is more than sufficient.

Yesterday i told you to take a list of the things that are hindering breakthrough ( not problems). Once you terminate the source, the thing will wither and die.

If you must hear the voice of God, you must be seperated unto him. CONSECRATION.

I AM TELLING YOU THE KEY TO BREAKTHROUGH. YOU Cannot hear the voice of the flesh and hear God at the same time.

God can’t speak to you more than 50 times a day and not address one or two of those personal problems. He addresses it by telling you the source of those problems out of the fifty times He would speak.

I have walked in the narrow path. The things that brings people to the broad path does not afflict me anymore.

Psalm 11:3 – if the foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous (born again) do

It means born again christians can be afflicted, persecuted, and suffer calamity.

If the foundation be destroyed what shall the righteous do? The righteous is helpless,

What is the foundation of Christianity (Word, Purity, Holiness, Covenant, Consecration).

CASE 11:3. The fruits coming out of the tree is from the roots. This evil tree will not stop bearing evil fruits.

Uproot every evil tree in your life. A tree that dies does not bear any fruits. CASE 113

If you must go far and higher in the journey of Life, you need consecration. The journey of consecration is a journey of no compassion. The man said I will follow you but let me go and first bury my father. Instead of Jesus to sympathize, operation no mercy. He gave him a rude answer- let the dead bury the dead.

Are you ready to follow the narrow path, the path without going to parties and functions?

One of my sons said in 10 years of marriage, we have not had 2 months of joy. What my son did not say, his wife told me. My son only told me he is a workaholic. His wife said, ask him what he does with his Saturday & Sunday. I said he told he is a workaholic. She said daddy, that is not correct. She said out of the 4 weekends in a month, your son goes to club meetings on Saturdays. On Sunday, there is village meeting during weekends. So we understand that Husband is busy from Monday till Friday but in the weekend he should be busy with the Family and children. He is not there for us, and maybe on Friday when he does not go to work, by 12pm in the afternoon he begins to call club members. There is no family privacy, there is no family communion. He was not married to his wife. My son was married to his club friends. I said SON, CONSECRATION MEANS TERMINATION OF CERTAIN COMPANIONSHIPS.

The reason for the problem in the family. The only friends in the club have a different view of women. So what he heard from the clubs, village meetings, he was using that to instruct his wife & they never had one month of joy. The wrong notion he got from the club was what he was using to run his family. By the time i finished counselling the wife, he was weeping. A new honeymoon began from that day.





rabboni discipleship training conference

rabboni discipleship training conference






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