Pastor Testimony Chepape Reveals Hidden Secrets Of Discovering Your Destiny


  • Says, “Laziness has eaten deep into this generation of Christians
  • They pursue relationship with church leaders instead, very sad
  • My about to be published book titled “Woman Gird Your Loins” is a destiny empowering book for women”

Looking at her from every perspective, she is a celebrity. Her glowing beauty, her fluency, her language versatility and more importantly, doing beauty therapy looking after the outward looks of Nigeria’s notable personalities was indeed one of her major breaks years back. Her intuition and apparently her innermost spirit evolved few years ago when she received the clarion call to embark on spiritual journey of ministering to the world. Pastor (Mrs.) Testimony Chepape’s singing ministry making positive impacts in South Africa where she is now based, Pastor Testimony today, is an enviable guest minister at the Mount of Fire Ministries whenever she’s invited to Nigeria.

Turning many unto Christ and opening the spiritual eyes of many, is according to her strong fulfilment and “I will not relent until the world turns to God is all aspects of our endeavours”. Testimony spoke exclusively to SAFARI NEWS in this rare interview. Here are the excerpts:

Tell us about one spectacular challenges of life you had faced?

Sun Feb 16th 2014, I was in church and everything was going according to logistic arrangements. It seemed like service was stretching beyond time so after the sermon I apologised to the church but told them we needed to pray a particular prayer point but God was not showing me who it was for. Congregation replied back “fire on pastor “! I screamed out God of 3hours,God of 6hours, God of 12hours,God of 24hours, appear in my situation! Hearing the voice of my husband beside the technical team I slightly opened my eyes as he kept praying God of 6hours appear in my situation. Congregation prayed with a serious warfare madness and we shared the grace. Counselling went on as usual and I left church a bit early in order to prepare my South African police service detective husband for night duty.

Exhausted and trying to sleep my younger brother reached out and as my blackberry battery signalled low, I was too sleepy to get out of bed and plugged it. 6:15pm, my phone rang and it was my husband so I answered. “Baby, get to the hospital now!”.“Honeybeau were you shot, In an accident? Are you ok “? He responded “just get to the hospital”. Sleep cleared and as I was about to panic the still small voice of The Holy Spirit said rejoice in faith. I started worshipping and thanking God as I looked into the closet for something nice to wear ripping off my morning gown. The journey to the hospital felt longer than the normal 7mins but I got to the emergency where I was taken to my husband.

After thorough inspection of the vehicle, hubby sat in the driver’s seat of a brand new Quantum, prayed and soaked the vehicle with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, looked up and noticed something on the sun shade. In his attempt to check, trip flair had fell from the sun shade detonated on his right thigh, few inches from the manhood and started flying with fire and colours around the vehicle. He could hardly see as it burnt his personal laptop, his bag, uniform cap…. Officers ran for fire extinguisher and he screamed out Jesus! Jumping out of the vehicle, alive to the shock of officers, running towards him with extinguishers.

A 10 months horrific hospital journey triggered by post traumatic stress and sleepless nights nearly destroyed our lives and we almost lost everything we had built. I will never be grateful enough to my father-in –the Lord Daddy D.K Olukoya, my younger sister Annie Wong, Pastor John Onyemachi of (Redeemed Christian church and brother Dele Adeleke for their financial support, compassionate love throughout and after this ordeal. Church members in and outside SA, ministry partners in US,Canada,Nigeria,UK,Europe, friends too numerous to mention lifted their voices in prayer as response to medications became a challenge for doctors and they began to feel my husband’s recovery was becoming impossible. I sat faithfully daily for almost 12-14hours by my husband’s bedside. Ministering to hospital patients in songs and prayers. It was tough to see them discharged while my husband stayed on admission… God proved Himself faithful end of Oct and we boarded our flight to Nigeria for 2months intensive prayers and rest.

To the glory of God he is fully healed since Dec 2014 and back to work without any complications/challenges ever since. Never would he have made it without God Almighty.

How did you get converted and eventually involved into the ministry?

Unplanned, I had left New York for Nigeria and one day as I drove out from my then Osborne estate, Ikoyi residence I only remember exchanging pleasantries with the security guards at the main gate and proceeding to head towards my V/Island shop and office…… I arrived at MFM headquarters came out of the car and saw a lady who I asked what place is this and she was very welcoming. She took me to the bookshop after a tour of the church. People were praying with unapologetic aggression and shaking their heads. Curiosity got the best of me and I bought lots of pamphlets which I still remember I could not drop each one till I finished reading them. To the glory of God,I have been a loyal member for almost 20 years now.

Did you, at any point in life desire to be a servant of God?

Never! What would have qualified me as a servant of God if not unmerited grace and mercy? Visions and dreams of myself, at the pulpit preaching, ministering to large crowds, in different huge stadiums, came after I had prayed for God to show me the secret of my life Jan 1999. It did not make sense to me but I was serving in my own little capacity in the church until a near death experience in 2001 drove me to answer God’s call. Never looked back ever since.

There are men and women of God in different capacities, why did you chose to be where you are in ministration?

The ministry of deliverance, worship, teaching God’s undiluted word, marriage and family reconciliation is not a choice but a divine calling.

It is a worldwide belief that there are corrupt men of God, what’s your take on this?

According to the book of Revelations 12-13, I believe everyman and woman will answer to God before the Great white Throne of judgement for all their works. Good/bad, God alone is the Judge.

Going by what you have been doing lately, do you feel you should have taken this journey much earlier in life?

Absolutely! Sometimes I feel an urgency to catch up for wasted years but we serve a God of perfect timing and divine plan. My life is in His Hands but I wish someone told me earlier which is my reason for alerting the younger ones to find God early in life and key into their destinies without delay.

Who would you say is your role model in the Christendom?

My daddy with undiluted speaking credentials, mentor and source of inspiration, DR D.K Olukoya.

Tell us a little about your background.

Born and raised by Nigerian mother and a Chinese father. 2nd of 4 siblings (an elder brother, younger brother both successful business men in Nigeria, and younger sister resident in China and works with Mercedes Benz)

You were at a point in time in Nigeria into beauty therapy business, why did you choose to call it off?

I have been known to shuttle between New York and Nigeria before relocating to South Africa on God’s divine instruction. My natural skin care range has never been shut down. Glory to God, my long standing and new clients in US, Europe, Nigeria, SA are very happy but I have put ministry first without neglecting skin care therapy. It has been one of my sources for kingdom building as many clients have been ministered to and found the Lord in the process of consultation and purchase.

Many know you to be a society personality when you were in the secular world, do you have any regrets?

I have never been a secular person. The business of running a magazine and teaching natural skincare therapy on TV put me on the public spotlight.

What’s your projection in the ministry?

To see more souls saved, more people worship God in spirit and in truth, connected to prayers, living victorious lives and Heaven bound.

What makes your ministry more unique than what we are used to?

I believe hope restored through Jesus Christ of Nazareth is a destiny restored back to God’s divine plan. Walking in obedience to God’s calling is the key to destiny and ministry fulfilment.

In the next five years, where would you want to see yourself?

If Jesus Christ tarries in coming I would love to make more kingdom impact in lives of people for God’s glory.

If you are not in the ministry works today, where do you think you would be by now?

A business woman, public speaker and media personality. Thank God Jesus found me.

Tell us about a specific experience you have had since you got involved in ministry works?

Everyday in ministry is a totally different experience. The fulfilment of seeing God’s manifestations through prayers in the lives of His people always leaves me in awe of God. I am humbled to be chosen for His service.

Who is the blessed man in your life and what are his contributions in your ministry as a pastor’s husband?

To the glory of God Almighty (prayers answered she laughs…) my husband is the church praise worship leader with an amazing voice and a police detective. In South Africa, pastor’s wives are addressed as mamurrutti but my husband is addressed as paparutti (a word I coined for pastor’s husband). Without his encouragement and singing publicly for the first time with him Sun Dec 7th 2014 at the MFM headquarters Nigeria, I would never have dared public singing which has launched me into a household gospel singer watched around the world on You tube.

Do you believe in pastors preaching prosperity in churches instead of salvation?

My personal formula is Salvation, deliverance, destiny recovery prayers and holy living equals prosperity.

What’s your candid advise to gullible Christians that go about looking for miracles?

The more you pray the more you discover, the more you discover the more you recover and recovery guarantees destiny success. God’s will is that every man/woman be a prophet unto themselves. How many are willing to spend time in prayer before God? Laziness has eaten deep into this generation of Christians which has made so many church attendants / bench warmers without a relationship with God. They pursue relationship with church leaders instead. Very sad.

Give two major advise to young mothers around the world.

Every woman is a power loaded gift to the world, husband, children and society. Discover the secret of your destiny purpose and never under estimate yourself. My about to be published book titled “Woman Gird Your Loins” is a destiny empowering book for women young and old and for fathers raising daughters.

If you come face to face with God, what will you say to Him?

Thank You for saving me and giving me a second chance, Many never got it, stayed alive to make it this far but as Jesus tarries in coming,I am going higher with Jesus Christ.

Who are the members of MFM gospel choir you sing with ?

MFM international headquarters gospel choir group is headed & conducted by pastor Noah Olugbami under daddy D.K Olukoya (general overseer MFM worldwide). Comprises of volunteer men & women from all walks of life who are not music graduates but trained to read & sing music notes in different musical categories (tenor, alto, soprano…) with the assistance of brother Tosin (music conductor) & sister Seun (administrator). The group of 400+ are amazing to work with!

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  1. Wow iam so blessed pastor about your testimony really touching my life,Woman God pray for me i have financial problem im so depressed helm with prayers to go hrough ths i believe God will do something in my Life. thank you Stay blessed im from Botswana

    • PST Testimony Chepape | November 9, 2016 at 8:16 pm | Reply

      Glorious morning brother Bathamile . By the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth i pray that God’s mercy shall restore & jump start your dead finances !
      Let the word of God in Deuteronomy 8:18 guide you with wisdom to depend on Jehovah Jireh’s provision .
      Please prayerfully ask God to show you the secret of your life & destiny prosperity in Jesus mighty name.
      God bless you real good !

  2. I am so desperate for pray for my husband he is getting worse in drugs an health is going down. His business money is going on drugs. Every day when I get home from work my husband is drugged.
    My domestic helper is giving me lots of problems. When I dismiss her and find a replacement she always comes back. Pray that I find a new domestic helper.

    My older son to give up marijuana and turn to the Lord. Pray for my home and famil to be set free from bondage

    God Bless

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