I CAN NEVER FAIL.. – Pastor Toyin Asuni


Merciful and ever loving God l worship you indeed you are a glorious God l bow in worship before you Lord
God can never fail

All powers belong to God

Everything in the entire universe answers to God because they are all the works of his hands

Who is like unto you Oh Lord

Who can we compare you with

God can turn the most useless situation into a huge success

I have seen God do it in my life

You are God and beside you there is non other

The God that answers by fire

The God that does fearful things in praises

His name is Yahweh
His name is Jehovah

He is the man of war
Who can battle with the Lord

I know l can never ever fail as long as l am a child of God

If God be for me who is it that can be against me

Thank you Jesus for paying the complete price for my full redemption on the cross of Calvary

I know and l know my Jehovah liveth

I cannot fail because Jesus can never ever fail

I am a winner in Christ Jesus

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