#EvangelismByFire: Another Drama: “GOD UNREHEARSED!” – Posted by Damola Akiogbe

#EvangelismByFire: Another Drama: “GOD UNREHEARSED!” – Posted by Damola Akiogbe

Exactly 10 years ago, we staged this Drama and God is still using this drama to touch lives, homes, family of course we have improved on the script. A woman gave me a testimony on the phone 2weeks how her brother was at the point of death and she came for a program at National stadium where we acted this Drama and she believed God for her brother to ‘come forth like Lazarus’. She said after our ministration she rushed back to the hospital and her brother was healed. To God alone be all the Glory.

Same God 10years ago is still the same God today. Join is on the 27th of November at Excellence Hotel Ogba for another inspiring ministration through Drama. “God Unrehearsed’

Come and Experience the power of Resurrection in a dramatic worship. This same power is still effectual and available today.

JESUS yesterday,today and forever. HE can do that which your life long for. Come and experience HIS awesome power in another way,27th Nov 2016,@excellent hotel 4pm.


I really Don’t know what to say honestly hmmmmm.

I call forth my Lazarus to come to Me and I Loose everything all to my favour in Jesus Name.

Ah LORD GOD Nothing is impossible for You to do in my LIFE, yes Lord I BELIEVE in YOU, yes I believe in You!

I can’t stop Groaning.


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