Case Study: Even cancer cannot withstand these prayers! – Elisha Goodman Ministries

Case Study: Even cancer cannot withstand these prayers

I thank God for your ministry. It has taught me to spiritually independent not depending or waiting for pastors to pray for me.

Hear what God did; I have a friend whose cousin got sick. The leg on the knee started swelling,she was in hospital for a week without any improvement. So she called me and told me, as she was telling me I could see tears in her eyes. I told her not to worry.

She did a CT scan and the results were that she has cancer and her bone is being eaten up so the only solution was to amputate the leg. The parents to the patient started crying because their child is young. The Holy Spirit directed me to pray for her daughter.

I started praying for her asking the Holy Spirit to flush her system and to purify her blood with the blood of Jesus. I asked the spirit of resurrection to resurrect all the dead cells in her body. I gave her 40 prayer points to cancel diseases after praying for her.

I decided to pray and fast for her for 3 days. I prayed passion prayers at midnight with tears in eyes asking God to heal her that His glory maybe revealed. After a day I asked how the patient was and I got a good report.

“The pain is gone and the leg is going back to normal” I praised the name of God.

God is a GREAT Physician indeed.

– M.zee, U.K




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  1. I appreciate this Ministry so much my father is battling prostrate cancer too. He complains of pain. His father and brothers all died from it. I hate it.I really pray but I need to see changes.

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