Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens: (Sunday, September 25th, 2016) – ARE YOU A FRAUDSTER?

Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens: ( Sunday, September 25th, 2016) – ARE YOU A FRAUDSTER?

1.Thank you Father for your mercies, because, the bible says, if you were to mark sin, no one will stand.

2.Father, in anyway, l have fallen short of your glory, have mercy and forgive me.

3.Father, let the blood of Jesus, break and destroy, every yoke of ancestral sins of deceit and falsehood, upon my life and lineage, in Jesus’ name.

4.Father, please destroy every seed of dishonesty and fraud in my life in Jesus’ name.

5.Father, whenever, temptation to cheat or commit any fraudulent activity comes my way, please, empower me to resist it.

6.Father, let every yoke of shame and reproach, that dishonesty and fraud, have brought upon my life, be broken and destroyed, by your mercy.

7.Father, help me to restitute, anything that l have taken by fraud and deceit, from anyone, in Jesus’ name.

8.Father, remove from me the way of lying: and grant me thy law graciously. (Psalms 119:29).

9.Father, let every curse and satanic limitation, that l have brought upon myself by building, my joy on the sorrows of those that l have defrauded, be cancelled and destroyed, in Jesus’ name.

10.Father, let your Holy Spirit, take total dominion over my life, and let all activities of the flesh, be subdued, in Jesus’ name.

11.Father, please, give me the grace to live a holy and righteous life and the grace to do your perfect WILL.

12.Your Personal petitions. (Phil 4:6)

13.In Jesus’ name I pray.(Jn 15:16)

14.Thank you Father for answered prayers.(1 Thes 5:18).

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Open Heavens Prayer Points

Open Heavens Prayer Points

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