Prayer Points on Yesterday’s Open Heavens (Monday September 5th 2016) – THE GOOD SIDE OF WEALTH

Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens. THE GOOD SIDE OF WEALTH

1.I appreciate and thank you Father because you are the one that maketh rich without adding sorrow.
2.Father, whatever is hindering the flow of your wealth into my hands, let the blood of Jesus deal with it, Now.
3.Father, please, open the doors of your prosperity for me.
4.Father, enlarge my coast and bless me indeed.
5.Father, let your hand be upon me and keep evil far away from me and my family.
6.Father, in anyway l have not been generous enough towards your kingdom projects, please, have mercy and forgive me.
7.Father in anyway l have used your wealth in my hand as a weapon to punish or victimise the poor and the needy, please, have mercy and forgive me.
8.Father, deliver me from every spirit of stinginess and give me a large and generous heart.
9.Father, give me the grace to obey the principles of kingdom prosperity of sowing and reaping, tithing, first fruits, bountiful offering, etc, that l may prosper, in Jesus’ name.
10.Father, please send poverty far away from me and make me a divine treasurer.
11.Father, please, bless me financially, materially and spiritually, beyond my own expectations and l will use the blessings to serve you and to promote your kingdom projects.
12.Your Personal petitions. ( Phil 4:6)
13.In Jesus’ name I pray. (Jn 14:13-14; 15:16)
14.Thank you Father for answered prayers. (1 Thes 5:18).

Open Heavens Prayer Points

Open Heavens Prayer Points

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