Praying for godly spouse but meeting the wrong people – By Elisha Goodman

Precious asks:

Why is it always I am proposed to by wrong people, people who don’t believe and who don’t love?

My answer:

Since I do not know your spiritual background or situation, I cannot speak to your issue specifically.

But I will say this:

There is something in the spirit realm called a mark of rejection. It is invisible, so you cannot see it with
the natural eyes. Once it has been stamped on a person, it will drive away all your divine helpers. In its place, what you get will be all those fakes and counterfeits (including fake suitors, friends, etc).

And what’s worse…

You may unwittingly be attracting these wrong persons by violating one or all of 9 cardinal principles of God-ordained relationships.

One more thing about the mark I mentioned.

In the Bible, this mark was given to Cain (and you can read about it in Genesis).

We teach this in depth in the Singles Forum. Plus the prayers to target and erase such evil marks. So you can begin to draw your godly spouse to you using a combination of prayer, holy living, and the Word.

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  1. GIFT MASHABA | July 25, 2016 at 10:25 pm | Reply

    how can i get ur prayer books?

  2. Good evening
    I would like my daughter to enroll for the cause.

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