Prayer Request for Destiny Deliverance from Evil pattern

I will love for you to pray for me, i am a single mother of a 27-month old baby girl. The father left when i was 3 months pregnant.

I was raised by a single mother we are 4 in the family my father left when I was 2yrs.

Life has been very difficult on my side I have tried everything to a point where last year September I tried traditional doctors but they also couldn’t help, it took away my peace so last month I gave myself to Jesus at church but i still feel i need to break away with whatever covenant i made with the devil through traditional doctors i now know that i made a big mistake.

I am on a 21 days prayer marathon for my marital destiny, i am on day 7 praying at midnight i really would love to meet my Godly spouse and settle down. The sin of fornication was my biggest sin because it was like i was addicted to sex but I couldn’t even find a permanent man to be with they just come for sex and left me empty, it drained me.

I gave myself to God and have been trying to staying away from all kinds of sins and focusing on Him.

I need your prayers, i want to find a Godly spouse and break the curse that is following me around am afraid my daughter might face the same trauma when she is old.


Sister M. (Gaborone, South-East, Botswana)

Prayer Request .. P.U.S.H

Prayer Request .. P.U.S.H

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