Prayer for abusive husband and restoration of marriage

Good day, please pray for me. My husband just became violent and heartless and left home, and he has so much bitterness, his past experiences have really come to haunt him, now he is abusive.

– WADZANAI (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Domestic violence - abusive husband

Domestic violence – abusive husband

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  1. Prayer Eagle | June 18, 2016 at 9:55 am | Reply

    WADZANAI, you are both in the same boat. Evil powers from your foundations have made both of you captive victims of a marital disaster. You must repent and surrender your life to Jesus Christ the Master over every storm of life and and the Solution to every life in crisis. Pray for deliverance from evil foundation, and by faith pour the blood of Jesus into your foundation to wash away every pollution in Jesus name. Release the fire of the Holy Ghost against your idolatrous foundation to deliver your destiny and marriage from evil arrows in Jesus name.

    More than 25 saints are praying for you and for your deliverance from satanic torments of your marriage. God can turn the hotbed of violent abuse in your marriage into blissful bed of roses if you truly surrender your life to Christ Jesus and allow Him to be the driver of your marital vehicle in Jesus name.

    We pray for peace and comfort of the Lord in your heart and your marriage in Jesus name.

  2. Sideania Warren | February 21, 2017 at 3:08 am | Reply

    Please pray gor my marriage
    . Its so viloent and my husband michael has alienated and publicly destroyed my reputaion. My friends my family his family have shunned me and my mom is sick and I just feel like I want to take my life.

  3. you will come out of that stronger wiser and still able to look towards your future with hope and success, and you will lose the battle with this man but in due time the rotation will come to collect and reap the harvest, and you will pray for that man and have peace in your heart and feel no joy when it comes time for him to reap…the children will be the vindicators and their voices will be loud and strong with no fear they will stand their ground and then justice will be served and others who suffer like they are now will find hope and love and a bond that pain and shame can only bond in order to heal and grow with an unspoken understanding and protective circle that will pass on and never die…may he seek jesus while he still can for wherever those that harm the little ones go’ i know it must be equal or greater pain than caused…pray for him even demons need a prayer.

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