prayer request to deal with epilepsy and psychosis

I have been suffering from epilepsy and psychosis for six years and I need deliverance from the mental illness. I have been on drugs to control it. I pray GOD will make me healed. GOD will mightily bless You. Hope to hear from You. Thanks

– Adewuyi

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

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  1. Prayer Eagle | June 18, 2016 at 10:57 am | Reply

    ADEWUYI from Nigeria: I see the overrunning flood of Jehovah gushing with fury to terminate and sweep away all the combined afflictions vexing you sore, in the name of Jesus. I see the healing rivers of God billowing over you and cleansing your life of all these afflictions in Jesus name. The Lord says I should tell you: “Fear Not, Worm Jacob.”

  2. Plz pray4me (michel) that God interv in my favor in supernat open doors4me to find a higher paying job tht i nd asap

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