Funds for business, Prayer for Divine Financial Intervention

I have just established a school. The School name is little scholars university. My vision is to establish 11 across the nation. Finances are not coming in quickly for the new school term in September. We are trying to scrape up rent money and parents are not registering fast enough. The business fundscwe need is to cover rent, advertise and market the school and buy the rest of furniture. We decided we will not touch registration money until we start school in September, that is why we are only doing screening now. I have been dutifully praying the midnight prayer but i need reinforcement. Please intercede for me so i can receive divine financial intervention and release of students to the school. Thanks

Janelle Holly Mora

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  1. Lori D Soto Knoxville, TN USA | June 19, 2017 at 5:47 pm | Reply

    Praying in agreement with you Sister

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