Desperate! Need MORE of God, Pls Pray for me

Good Day Prayer Team,

My name is Robert and I am a third year PhD student in Belgium on scholarship from Cameroon. I am in need of prayers in 3 main areas:

  1. My Christian walk: I am born-again but I just NEED more of God. I realized that my passion and zeal is so little and desire to burn for God.
  2. ย My education: I am doing a PhD and it has really been challenging if not for God I would have been kicked out of Doctoral school last year. I have had a lot of battles getting results and recently, the ground-breaking results we got when we sent for confirmation, it turned to be negative. Moreover, I applied for extension of my scholarship for the next academic year and have been waiting for a response. I have just 1.5 years left and if God doesn’t help me, I don’t know what will be.
  3. My marital destiny: I had a terrible heartbreak last year that almost costed my sanity: I am at the moment attracted to a girl in our lab in Cameroon but I have not made it clear to her. However, some members of my Church in Cameroon told me they saw me in a vision with another lady and that she is supposed to be my wife. I NEED God to clarify me because, I don’t want to make any mistakes.

God Bless You and stay blessed.

ROBERT ADAMU SHEY (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium)

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  1. Prayer Eagle | June 20, 2016 at 2:06 am | Reply

    Robert Adamu Shey, 72 people are interceding for you. Your 3 prayer requests are all rooted in one source. Your Ancestry! There are ancestral powers of limitation standing against your successful completion of your PhD programme. The same powers are responsible your feeble spiritual walk with God. Your marital prospect is a prime target because, 90% of a man’s success is tied to the kind of wife you marry.

    Personalize these prayers:

    Every evil foundational power attacking and limiting your destiny’s progress is exposed now and disgraced by Holy Ghost Fire, in Jesus name.

    You wicked ancestral stubborn pursuer that pursued me from Cameroon to Bruxelles, you are a FAILURE: DIE! in the name of Jesus.

    Every pattern of non-achievement of my father’s house, I am not your victim, therefore BREAK! by the power in the blood of Jesus.

    Every power responsible for my spiritual slumber at the gate of my success, your time is up: Die by fire in Jesus name.

    (This next prayer is prophetic one, lay your right hand on your head which is the symbol of your glory) My Glory! My Glory!! My Glory!!! AWAKE by Fire! after the order of Psalm 57:8, and dance with singing and rejoicing to your throne in the name of Jesus. (Pray his prayer 21 times until sweat of victory breaks out of you)

    Every power attacking my marital prospects, somersault and die in the name of Jesus.

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