Holy Ghost Service May 2016 Testimonies – SUNDAY OLANREWAJU

Holy Ghost Service May 2016 Testimonies – SUNDAY OLANREWAJU

Sometimes ago during the Holy Ghost Congress of Signs and Wonders 2012; I told my wife to be that the theme of the congress will be our new name. She chose signs and i chose wonders.

Since then our name became signs and wonders. We schedule our wedding for oct 2013 and some months before the wedding, we ran HIV/AIDS TEST and the result for both of us shows NEGATIVE. Two weeks before the wedding day, we ran another test and my wife tested POSITIVE. We run the test in about five other places, the result was the same HIV POSITIVE for my wife to be only.

We wept bitterly and the end I encourage her that will not stop our relationship and our wedding. We printed our wedding program tagged wedding of SIGNS AND WONDERS. We couldn’t tell friends, family, even our pastors as agreed. Despite the status, after the wedding from time to time we do perform our marriage traditional function. We started trusting God, attend holy communion and other services for divine healing. Three (3) months after the wedding, she was pregnant and earnestly trusting God for healing and we don’t miss Holy communion and Holy Ghost service in Camp.

It happened that we left the house for Holy Communion in camp on a day. On getting to camp, they have finished the service, we quickly ran to the back and we were able to get a portion and we told God to proof Himself in our lives. Some months later, during the pregnancy, we ran another test, Low and behold; the status has changed from positive to NEGATIVE. God healed her and gave us a boy (MIRACLE) and change our sorrow to Joy.

We appreciate God for all our brethren and pastors that were praying for us even when they did not know the challenges we were passing through. FROM Miracle, Signs and Wonders


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