Who told you that you are naked? – By Adeolu Akinyemi

Genesis 3:11 “Who told you that you were naked?” the LORD God asked. “Have you eaten from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat?”

When man sinned, something happened – His eyes were opened to Self, and they saw their nakedness. Man had the urge to cover himself with leaves, and to hide himself – not because he feared God, respected God or was expecting God’s punishment. Read your Bible, man covered himself and hid himself because he was afraid, afraid because he was naked.

Nakedness means, you need to do things to cover yourself. Man’s need changed immediately from fellowshipping with God, and being godly to getting the things he needs to cover his nakedness. God asks him – “Who told you that you are naked?” I can still hear that question ringing through today.

Who told you that a car, a house, a wife, an investment, wealth, career and all these clothes will cover your nakedness? Who told you that you lack these things and need them? What man lost in sin was not clothes, it was a sense of covering that only Christ fills.

Inside our hearts is a God shaped whole that only Christ can fill. Around our bodies is a God shaped covering in Christ, when we are not in Him, we are naked and need “things” to cover us from the elements. Why not turn to God, and let Him do the making right. Surrender to Him, let Him cover you with what He deems best. Why not trust him, that no matter what he does is best.

Who told you that you are naked? Or did you disobey what God commanded? The consequence of disobedience is shame, now or later.

– By Adeolu Akinyemi WhatsApp: 08037228919

Naked and not ashamed

Naked and not ashamed

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