2016 Prophecy “A Year of Great Things” – By Reverend Paul Momoh

A Vision From The Lord And A Prophecy For 2016: A Year Of Great Things; A Half-Decade Of Greater Changes But … [By Paul E. Momoh – Faith Revival For The Nations FReN-Australia]

While 2010-2015 Was Significant As A Beginning Of Sorrows In The World, This New Half-Decade, 2016-2020, Will Be Significant As A Beginning Of Great Things And Greater Changes In The Kingdom Of God… (But Hey, It Is Also A Beginning Of Greater Sorrows In The World: Matthew 24:7-8. See Prophecy: 2010-2020 at faithrevival.org).

To God’s People In This World; A World That Was Greatly Bedevilled In Unprecedented Ways By Security And Financial Woes…ISIS, etc. Between 2010 And 2015, The Lord Would Say Concerning The Second Half Of This Decade, 2016-2020:

Although, The Enemy “…hath done great things. Fear Not
Oh Land: be glad and rejoice for the Lord will do great things”
(Joel 2:20-21 KJV).

For Sure, The Enemy May Have Done Great Evils Or Hindered You On A Personal Level As You Went Through Some Negative Experiences {2010-2015}. The Lord Will DO Great Things {2016-2020} That Will Override And Be GREATER In Effect Than The Evils You Saw. The Lord Will Give To His People Double For Their Troubles.

Be Glad And Rejoice:
Now Is The Time And The Year For Believers To Really Spend A Great Deal of Their Time And Life In The Presence Of The Lord. Knowing And Experiencing The Joy Of The Lord. Praising And Celebrating the Mighty God, Our Prince Of peace, Always. For Then, We Would Begin To See Great Things…Great Changes!: Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Financially, And Socially –Changes That Will Bring Glory To God And Attract The World To The God Who Changes People …And Changes Things, From Glory To Glory (2 Corinthians 3:18; Romans 8;21).

All Thanksgiving, Praise And Glory, Honour And Worship Must Now Begin To Go Continually To His Majesty, The King Of Kings And The Lord Of Lords, In A New And Renewed Godly Habit (Hebrews 13:15). Doing So In Season And Out Of Season, Through The Grace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ And The Communion Of The Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 13:14).

Praying And Believing The Great And Precious Promises (2 Peter 1:3-4). Being Rooted In The Love Of God; Loving The Promise-Giver And The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith With The Faith That Works By Love (Galatians 5:6). Prophetically Proclaiming The Faith Of The Gospel And Expecting Greater Things; Greater Changes, Greater Signs & Wonders, Greater Breakthroughs, And Greater Restorations. Indeed, Greater Revival Is Here With Us. For Emmanuel…God Is With Us!

Yes Indeed, A Greater Move Of The Spirit In The Land Is Set Before Us In Our Opened Door. Greater Conversion And Harvest, Greater Increase Of The Kingdom Of God, Greater Peace And Joy In The Holy Ghost Full Of Glory.

So Quickly, So Speedily, And So Suddenly Will The PRESENCE And The GLORY Increase Or Break Out In The Midst Of Believers Gathered Together (As It Was On The Day Of Pentecost, Acts 2:1-4). So Great And Awesome Will It Be For Churches & Ministries, Communities And Nations That Long To See The Waves Of These Great And Precious Promises. Such Wonderful Times Have Come For Those Who Believe For These Great And Precious Times Of Refreshing From The presence Of The Lord.

The Great Choice Set before Us:
Will You Or Shall We Be Among Those Keeping His Presence In 2016? Many Will Move Forward Into Greater Light, Greater Visions & Revelations. Others Will Move Backward Into The World, As They Fail To Seek His Holy Presence And To Keep Their Lamps Burning. For, As The Scriptures Say, Without Holiness, No One Will See The Lord. The Spirit Of Holiness That Raised Jesus Christ From The Dead (Romans 1:4) Is Coming With A Greater Fire To Help Prepare His Chosen People.

Will You Or Shall We Submit All Ungodly Habits To This Fire And Be Purified? It Is Either We Choose The Pleasures Of Sin For A Season Or The Pleasures Of His presence Now And For Eternity. When We Miss The Understanding Of The Times And Seasons, We Miss The Greater Things That God Had Prepared For Us.

There Will Be Divine Replacements In The Army Of God. Many That Were ‘The First’ Will Become ‘The Last’. Others, Just Starting Up With God, Will Run The Race With Great Zeal And Become God’s First. Will You Please Hold Your ‘Seat’ Of Faith, Love And Service, Lest Another Take Your Seat And Wear Your Crown. For, This Year And This Half-Decade Does Consist Of Critically Defining Years That Will Last For As Long And As Short As Jesus Tarries.

This Is A Great Year For Those Who Will Remain Positioned Or Move Quickly To Position Themselves, WAITING AND TRUSTING, WILLING AND OBEDIENT To The Word Of The Lord And The Leading Of The Spirit.

Welcome Therefore, Dearly Beloved, To Your Year Of Greater Faith, Greater Hope, Greater Love, And greater Things: Happy New Year & Happy New Changes In Jesus Name!

Rev. Paul Momoh Arrives Australia

Rev. Paul Momoh Arrives Australia

[email protected]
Faith Revival For The Nations
FReN-Australia: faithrevival.org

Source: http://faithrevival.org/prophetic-word.html

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