Prayers To Get out of Debt – By Elisha Goodman

Debt Problems – You Can Laugh at Them if You Follow This Simple Spiritual Plan – By Elisha Goodman

Luke 6:38: “Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” NKJ


  1. I retrieve all my properties from satanic banks in the name of Jesus.
  2. O Lord restore seven-fold everything I have lost as a result of spiritual ignorance.
  3. Fire of God burn away every blockage in my spiritual pipes in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every power creating relationship problems in my life, be buried be buried be buried in the mighty name of Jesus.
  5. Anything in my life scaring away my divine helpers, get out now in the name of Jesus.
  6. O Lord send me divine counselors who can help me with my finances.
  7. Father, show me what to do so that financial crisis would not arise again in my business in the name of Jesus.
  8. Father, help me to formulate a plan of recovery to get me out of debt in Jesus’ name.
  9. Lord, give me wisdom to avoid unfavorable business situations in the name of Jesus.
  10. Lord, help me to erect safeguards to prevent financial failure.
  11. O Lord, create new and profitable opportunities for me.
  12. I refuse to be a borrower. I shall lend to many nations in the name of Jesus.
  13. I bind every spirit of impulse buying and worthless acquisitions in Jesus’ name.
  14. Every spirit of greed operating in my life I bind and cast you out in the name of Jesus.
  15. All my money that has been siphoned away spiritually be restored to me 7-fold in the name of Jesus.
  16. Every power delaying my miracles be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.
  17. Anything in the spirit realm casting an evil eye on my life, receive total blindness in the name of Jesus.
  18. O Lord, begin to use those around me to bless me in a powerful new way in Jesus’ name

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  1. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    I have been having so many dreams of late. Before Christmas I dreamt having a big envelope of money in form of notes lots of it.Yester day I dreamt I was in a forest like Tropical ones whereby a dark brown horse was chasing us for sometime.I don’t remember who I was with but it disappeared only to resurface later and when it noticed us it started chasing us again and I could identify our Pastor who tried to chase it but it resisted him.When we were separated by the horse.I ran away and it followed me but this time it was caught up by something like a trap and it entered in a hole which was covered up by dry leaves.That was when I attacked it with a piece of wood until I could see a head like that of a serpent I hit it completely.the dream ended when I was asking for a match box that I could burn the remains.What do these mean.Please advise.Be blessed.

  2. hello jay.yes i see something here if you were in a serious dept and you didn’t get any help,god reached out to you and showed you his power.this year i see you prosper and stay blessed always positive mind leads to positive outcome…stay blassed one love

  3. Pls I need financial help prayer? And number 2)my uncle is against the man I wanted to marry because of his town….what prayer am I to say?

  4. I am in need of financial assistance. The work that I do cannot pay my monthly bills, as a result I tried seeking a better job , but to no avail. I am desperate for prayer to get out of this situation. I want to stop borrowing from people (sometimes they turn me done.) Please help me to pray.

    Thanks much

  5. Mary Coleman | August 8, 2017 at 2:42 am | Reply

    I’m in need of a pay raise or better paying job, I need to move to another location, I’m believing God to bless me with my own home. I haven’t seen my mom in about 10yr or more because I don’t have the money, I know my God is a God of signs and wonders.

  6. Pray for me for cancellation of debts and restoration of all the finances we have lost, virtues opportunites

  7. moses.kindly pray for me to be out of debts so that i can be financialy free together with my family.i ahve proved to be a faithful tither,i always give to the poor to my last coin that im left with nothing.been praying and even do me.GOD Bless you!!!!

  8. purity pray for me debts cancellation and restoration of my all the finances i have lost and my family

  9. Thank you for the prayer points. I’m in debt of over R2million rands inclusive of my mortgage.. I have been unemployed for 11 months. I pray that God will provide a good paying job for me and financial breakthrough and debt cancellation. I’m believing God for a miracle. I have lost so much money in my life by being robbed by thieves in business.i pray for 7-fold restoration in everything.Deutoronomy 31:6 . I’m believing and expecting a MIRACLE (job,financial and debt cancellation breakthrough )

  10. I am in serious multiple borrowing debts below #2M NAIRA .sOME ONE PLEASE PRAY WITH ME AS I GET OUT IT IN FAITH

  11. My bank has SEND me in the CRB department they have called me right now and tells me i needed to pay arrears of 14,000/= and the balance was 3000/= they say since last year the amount has shoot interest and the payment has to be done now!.Am in a pool of debts and i know the devil still want to fool around so i quickly look for a prayer bullet in the site luckily i land on this prayer of debt cancellation, as i was reading… before i even reached the fifth line, they called back told me to wait a minute and changed the statement and they told me to pay the Normal balance 3000/= Praise be to God.

  12. I have been tormented by creditors as am unable to pay up , they are so angry and threatening to take me to court. I have already debts from other financial institutions every and finding it really depressing and worried & feel lost. Been praying earnestly but no answer seem to be fort coming to ease me of this . Please send me a prayer or mention my name in your prayers. Thankyou in advance your time and prayers.

  13. Boniface Orech | December 5, 2018 at 5:57 am | Reply

    Am on a 3 day prayer fast,will send a testimony soon

  14. I need God’s intervention due to an overdraft amounting to R35 000. I’m an elderly pastor. I’m unable to pay up this debt due to financial constraints and the Bank is after me. I need prayers please!
    Pastor Joseph Taele

  15. May the Covenant keeping God of Isaac,Jacob and Abraham answer you Joseph.All you need is to understand that it is God’s will to be blessed no negotiations with the devil.May every spiritual bank were you finances have been diverted be shaken by the thunder of God and release 7 fold every blessing in Jesus name.

  16. I need God’s help in my finances. I am in debt of over R10,000. I Started by borrowing a bit, and then i lost my job. Because of that I could not pay back the money, so i started borrowing money to repay for debts, it became a cycle. Now im so exhausted i don’t even know what to do. I do not want that life anymore. Heavenly Father please provide a job for me and help me deal with all these debts. I have become a slave to my lenders. They scold me, say whatever they want to me. This is not my dream life. I need your help God.

  17. Need to prayer academy

  18. I want to join prayer academy, have a lot of life problems

  19. Pray for me to be out of depts and improve my finandes

  20. I need Gods help with my finances. I am really in a bad situation with my 2 hire purchase account as it needs to be paid off within 14 days, also I had bank deduction which is taking almost 50% of my salary and my salary is not enough to support my family. I know that there’s a bad omen happening in my family that I am not even able to breath properly with my finances. I really need God’s help with my finances

  21. prayer point on cancellation of debts

  22. Praise the Lord. I am standing with the book of Matthew 19.26 in believing God for financial breakthrough. I have been living with deb all my life and I don’t grow with handling money. Please help me remove any setbacks. I am also praying for a Gol led marriage amen

  23. I need prayers for financial breakthrough. I am in debts all over and i need money to pay back nd be debt free

  24. Am asking for prayer for debt cancellation and a job for my husband who is so down because he cant provide for his family and is deep in debts.

  25. I need help to cancel my debts. Please for me

  26. i want to join Prayer Academy. please can I have a sponsor

  27. Pray for me, I need debt cancellation.

  28. i need spiritual revival and financial victory

  29. Pray for me to be debt free

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