December 07, 2015 – MARVELOUS ACTS @ SHILOH – pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo


“Remember his marvellous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth;” -Psalms 105:5-

It’s so exciting to know that the week we have all being waiting for is finally here. Shiloh 2015 – From Glory to Glory is just approximately a day and few hours to begin. However, the stage is set and God is prepared to manifest Himself again in our midst. But just before it begins, I would love to share few testimonies with you all through this week, just to spur your faith and to let you know that God has you in His mind this Shiloh.

He is a covenant keeping God and if He has said Shiloh is a mountain where our hanging inheritances would be possessed, then yours is a settled case. Read this:

Four Years Prostate Cancer Humiliated!
“My family and I joined this Commission last year September with pain and sorrow in our heart. My husband had prostate cancer with fermentation for four years. As a result of his condition, he was mistaken for an AIDS patient. We went to diverse places such as hospitals, churches and even to herbalists in search of solution to no avail.

Then, a friend of mine invited us to Winners’ Church for a healing programme. Previously, my husband could neither sit nor sleep but that day, while in church, he was able to sit.

During Shiloh 2010, we were here for five days. Since it was our first time, we had nobody to talk to on how we would manage ourselves. We sat for five days, with no water to drink! We just stayed and we believed God!

Faith Tabernacle testimonies

Faith Tabernacle testimonies

Eventually when Shiloh ended, the pain had ceased and the leakage of pus stopped, till today! I thank God for healing him!” —Mrs. Eunice, A.
God has vowed that no situation of long continuance will survive this year’s Shiloh. Therefore, come prepared for an encounter. I sincerely await your testimonies.
See you there!

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