Simply Amazing Testimony! – Elisha Goodman

I thank God for you and the revelations that He has given you to help deliver His people through the powerful but most overlooked weapon of prayer. I have been using the prayer methodology the Lord has gifted you with for the whole month of July. I was facing eviction and homelessness, but the Lord turned the situation around tremendously!

Even though 3 dates were set for the marshals to come and throw me and my family out, THE LORD offset them for 3 weeks. (This is virtually impossible because in my state, they kick you out within seven days of the court order!) I kept praying the “sanctification of my land with the Blood of Jesus prayer” regardless of the threats of next day evictions!

Then, the miraculous happened. I found a BETTER place to live on the UPSCALE side of town and received the FINANCES to move in the span of 3 DAYS! This happened approximately 21days after you emailed me the “land” prayer instructions and an ESTHER fast!

Not to mention the biggest part! I received numerous revelations from God and even had a Throne-Room Visitation and I went to the THRONE OF GOD and SPOKE WITH ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF! This is true!

I purchased your Dream Code book and was blessed by it! I plan to purchase all of your books! God Bless You!

— L. Jones, Atlanta, Georgia




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