Goodbye November, Hello December… The LAST Shall Be The FIRST!

Yesternite we had a send-off “party” for November and also simultaneously ushered in the Apostolic 12th month of December 2015.

At the cross-over night vigil Holy Spirit taught us some profound mysteries, and I want to share them with you here:

  1. DECEMBER PEOPLE ARE LATECOMER PEOPLE (a lot of waters have passed under the bridge in 11 months before their arrival on stage)
  2. Late comers are 11th-hour people who arrived late at an expected place.
  3. Latecomers are helpless despised underdogs and disadvantaged people (they’re not born with silver spoons).
  4. In normal world, latecomers are scolded, sanctioned or punished, but in things of the Spirit, latecomers can be favoured as in Matthew 20:16“So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.”
  5. Latecomers are poor people who can’t aspire for greatness by reason of their unfavorable circumstances and are therefore resigned to their to cruel fate.
  6. Latecomers are people who have nothing significant to show as the year runs to an end.
  7. Latecomers have untapped potential of 12-fold blessing and may be spiritually preferred/favoured to frontrunners.

Hello December - the last shall be the first

Hello December – the last shall be the first

Power to finish the race of 2015 victoriously: Fall Upon me now in Jesus name.
Powers assigned to bury me with this year, I am not your candidate: therefore: dig your own graves and die in your own graves in Jesus name
Hello December

Hello December

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