In a crisis targeted prayer counts. Here’s today’s example… – Elisha Goodman

The best thing ever in life.

“I wanted to test the prayers first,” she said.

So what happened?

Hear her:

= = =

I wanted to test these 40 prayer points for a car. I tried them but even if you see me honestly there is no hope. But I prayed them effectively as instructed.

Iam a prayerful stay home mother but God surprised me and gave my husband a brand new car, all expenses on company.

I got a dream when an usher at church had brought me a car for taking my kids to church. The next day, that was the very car my husband brought home.

I bless the Lord for that.

– G.A.

= = =



This next one is intriguing.

R.A testifies to the power of targeted prayers to solve problems that stump even medical science.

= = =

I had intense bleeding for the whole of September till mid October 2015. I went to a gynecologist who carried out various medical tests including a scan of my uterus to ascertain its condition.

Surprisingly there was no problem. I was given medication but it did not help. I was again given treatment by another gynecologist but the tablets he prescribed only worked as long as I took them.

As soon as I finished the dose, the problem came back. When I again took another dose of the tablets, the bleeding stopped but started when the dose was complete.

While this was happening, I could not fast because I needed to drink lots of fluids and eat well.

However, I shared this problem with another eagle in my country. She encouraged me to fast. On 14th October I decided to have an Esther fast, come what may!!.

I am currently doing platinum prayers but I also blended in healing prayers from the Cookbook for Busy people.

I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray this prayer repeatedly:

“Let my flesh and blood become deadly poison to all eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood in Jesus name.”

On the 18th of October the problem disappeared!

– Eagle R.A.

= = =

Praise the LORD.

The Lord Jesus once told someone with a HUGE problem:

“Be it done for you as you desire.”

And her daughter was healed right at that moment – Matt 15:28

Notice the phrase: As you desire.

That is a blank cheque…
just fill it in.

GA desired a car — she got it.

RA desired supernatural healing —

She got it.

Whatever your desire today, there is a prayer bullet to bring it to manifestation.

Once you find it (and know you to use it) the miracles begin.

Be An Overcomer


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