Breaking Evil Decrees – By Jacqueline King

Lamentation 3 vs. 37 “Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?”

Blessings unto you and your house amen.

I pray God will be your portion as you begin to read this lesson concerning evil decrees were spoken over your life since childhood. God has permitted me to write this lesson to help those who are currently struggling with their life. Sometimes we wonder why we struggle or live in our wrong seasons.

Majority of the times we experience these negative events because of evil decrees that were spoken over us through our family line. Evil decrees are generational curses when we allow them to take root in our lives, and our children’s lives. We must take our kingdom authority through the word of God daily. Word of God must be applied daily, often with your mind, mouth, attitude etc…

Let the word of God make room for you. He will deliver you from hardship that’s being maintained through your family line. Generational curses can be used by powers of darkness through satanic rituals that may had been done by our linage on our father side and mother side. God wants you to inherit his blessing, he wants you to know he has all of your provisions waiting for you, for your next generation to come.

Breaking Evil Decrees

Breaking Evil Decrees

Binding spirits can hinder your spiritual walk and blessings
What can be binding your blessing?
How many men and women in the body of Christ still struggling?
What lie have you accepted about your situation?
Proverbs 26:2 As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.
Satan finds access within our lives through our fear this is how he plants curses in our lives 2 Timothy 1:7
Why allow anyone to speak negative against you including speaking evil decrees over your lives?
My testimony
I was told many years ago, I wouldn’t be anything, no one would love me nor marry me. If I had agreed with this person their words would had manifested in my life. Bondage would had been my portion just because of their views upon my life.
If you accept negative insults from family members or friends their words will bind your blessings, you will struggle because you accepted their words. This is called a evil decree. When someone knows you are afraid of them they will control you with their mouth by speaking word curses. Negative statements we confess over our lives, children, spouses, family members, friends etc…
We open the door to demonic destruction which opens the doors to all negative influences. Do not accept evil decrees over your lives learn to operate and know your kingdom authority in Christ Jesus.

Word curses
1. Fat
2. Slut
3. Stupid
4. Dog

List of Negative Statements:
“I’ll probably die of cancer since all the women in my family died of cancer.”
“All the men in our family have bad hearts; I will probably die early.”
“I’m just stupid when it comes to relationships.”
“In every situation I tend to do the worst thing.”
“I’ll never get a job with this bad economy.”
“All men are pigs!”
“I’ll never get my kids back!”
“I’ll always be an addict!”
“I just can’t do anything right!”
“Everybody is against me!”

Revoke Evil Decrees
Revoke means to take back!
You don’t have to accept what has been spoken over your lives revoke them before they manifest. Negative words limits you from receiving from God especially when prophecy being released to you.
In Matthew 12:36-37 Jesus says, “And I say to you, that every careless [“idle” = destructive] word that men shall speak, they shall render account for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified [made just and righteous], and by your words you will be condemned [pronounced guilty].”

1. Decree from the Kingdom of God cannot be challenge
2. Decree from man can be very unstable
3 Decree from Satan John 10:10 Kill, Steal, and Destroy
You have to identify what has been attacking your life by operating your position of authority Isaiah 54:17.
Be careful not to curse your spouse or children with destructive statements, such as:
“I hate to say it, but my son is a loser!”
“My daughter won’t listen. She’s going down a bad track!”
“My kids will have mental problems; we all do in our family.”
“My husband is a liar and a cheat. He’ll never change!”
“My son will kill himself one day the way he drives!”

Change Your Confessions
Evil decrees must be broken with your confessions.
We must identify the words we have allowed to hold us captive from our childhood. If you have fear from former events from your childhood these events will manifest not just in your life, but your children’s lives. We must take kingdom authority over our sins including on our mother, and father side of the family. Breaking generational curses must be broken through our family line such as drugs, rape, incest, lying, stealing, witchcraft, poverty, lack, unemployment, struggle, your skin colour etc…

Commanding all spirits off your life now!!! In the name of Jesus. We bind every satanic demonic power to be broken off your lives, your children, your family line, finances, poverty, unemployment, lack, witchcraft, lying, stealing, murder, struggles, and your skin colour. Whatever, Spirit of the Lord brings to your memory cancel it NOW!!! In the mighty name of Jesus.

Lamentation 3 vs. 37 “Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?”

Every evil pronouncement against my life be cancelled in Jesus name.
I speak woe to every power speaking evil against me in Jesus name
I cancel every evil decrees in Jesus name.

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  1. I cancel every evil decrees and every evil pronouncements against my life in Jesus name. Amen!

  2. I have been doing the midnight prayers for 6 months now. And I will continue to pray with trust that God gives me a breakthrough for the promotion for 15 years still no promotion or change of grade or raise in my job. I have never been promoted, even though I am highly experienced, I am diligent and trustworthy. But this time I know God will open BIG doors for me, so please pray with me on this. My daughter who appeared for her final masters exams that she finds favors in the eyes of the examiners and passes with merits and gets a good job with God fearing boss and staff and she gets a good salary.That my friend knows the truth whether I was cheating, lying or harming him in any way. That I can pay all my loans which i have up till my neck line.

    And also MF and ES who are involved in bl magic and witchcraft that their powers dont work on my family and us. They plan to make us mad, destroy my marriage, curse on my fly and their plans are evil and wicked
    And also its my birthday this month. Please keep my fly in prayers so that find a way to the Lord.

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