Claim These Prophetic Prayers personalized for you!

Pls personalize & claim these prophetic declarations into your life! SHOUT AMEN to from: @ Abel Tosin

I shall not beg to eat.
I shall not be ashamed.
I shall not be cursed.
I shall not cry over loved ones.
I shall not be mocked.
I shall not be a victim of hired killers.
I shall not be a victim of accidents.
I shall not be sorrowful.
I shall be great.
I shall be fruitful.
I shall be victorious.
I shall be celebrated.
I shall be successful.
I shall be favoured.
I shall be blessed in abundance.
I shall be prosperous.
I shall have joy unspeakable.
I shall have peace beyond limits.
I shall make it.
I shall testify.
I shall be lifted high beyond falling.
I shall excel in all that I do.
I shall be called Wonderful.

prophetic prayers

prophetic prayers

Where the road is thirsty of flesh and blood, I and my loved ones will not go there. The evils that will happen will not know my dwelling place. Death messengers will not know my address. The miracles in the year shall locate my household. My heart desires will not be cut-short. I will not cry because of you.

I pray for you, in the remaining months of this year

Culled from Tosin Abel

7 Comments on "Claim These Prophetic Prayers personalized for you!"

  1. omg what a pray the most difficult moments of my life i had actually given up on god bec i felt he did not care abt me as i hv mentioned before mf and her sis es are doing blk magic, witchcraft and this month is the most critical mth fr us to destroy our happiness peace marriage future n my children future. the remaining 2 wednedays n fm 27 uptil 30 sept. pls ask the church members also to pray fr us.

  2. Thank you for this prayer ministry.
    Please pray for us, We are facing a challenge ans are desiring prayers in getting our children US visa restored so they can continue going to University in Jan 2016. Also for finances.

  3. Praises be to the Ancient of Days !
    I shall not be lost in Jesus’ Name.

  4. Having difficulties to find schoolfees for children and myself.Failling to get what i want on time.Ignored by people in every effort that i do.Unfufilled expectations

  5. Thank God this for ministry and I KANU AMAKA is believing God for fruit of Womb,

  6. Pray for son depression and drugs. No peace in home. Evil people damaged vehicle do not want to pay using evil tactics on my family

  7. To God be all the praise for this awesome prayer. I claim the blessings of God in my families life & in my life. we shall prosper in all that we say and do. our children, brothers & sisters,the husbands & the wives, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts & uncles are saved, protected and favor in the eyes of God. Thank You Jesus.

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