LIVE Reports From Good News! Redemption City: September 2015 Special Holy Ghost Service – Fruit of the Womb

#‎GoodNews‬: Welcome to the September 2015 – Holy ghost Service. Theme: #GoodNews (Fruit of the Womb).

Join us LIVE on the following links:


6:15pm: #‎GoodNews‬: It’s time for corporate prayers ‪#‎RCCG‬

6:21 pm: #‎Prayer‬: Thank God for keeping Nigeria. We are grateful Lord! ‪#‎GoodNews‬

6:22pm: #‎Prayer‬: Thank God for journey mercies ‪#‎GoodNews‬

6:27pm: September is the Month of New Beginnings, the Month of ‪#‎GoodNews‬

6:31pm: #‎Prayer‬: Father! Release your Great mercy upon me, Your church, my family ‪#‎GoodNews‬

6:35pm: Father, because of your great mercy tonight, let there be divine visitation. ‪#‎GoodNews‬

6:40pm: #‎Prayer‬: Father! Because of Your Great mercy, let there be Your divine visitations tonight ‪#‎GoodNews‬

6:43pm: Tonight, let there be manifest power, to bring healing, deliverance. ‪#‎GoodNews‬.

6:46pm: Father, we pray for Pastor E.A Adeboye, place your right hand upon him, and cause him to always outrun the chariots of his enemies. ‪#‎GoodNews‬

7:04pm: #‎GoodNews‬: It’s time for Praise and Worship ‪#‎RCCG‬ Sept 2015 Holy Ghost Service

7:40pm: Opening Prayer anchored by Pastor J.A Bolarinwa for the programme is on right now. If you missed the praise and worship, you must not miss any more of tonight’s programme oo.. Pleease join us live via any of this link below,,

8:06pm: The goodnews is that Jesus has come to save those who are lost. It’s ‪#‎GoodNews‬ galore!!!

8:10pm: If you are lost in sickness or disease Jesus is the healer, and He will heal you. Acts 10: 38 It’s ‪#‎GoodNews‬ galore!!!

8:11pm: Jesus will make you to abound in all manner of fruitfulness. Psalm 103:9 It’s ‪#‎GoodNews‬ galore!!!

8:12pm: Today receive victory over every oppression Luke 10:19 It’s ‪#‎GoodNews‬ galore!!!

8:13pm: 1sam 1: 10-17 You have to embrace the goodnews when it (they) come and act positively on it. It’s ‪#‎GoodNews‬ galore!!!

8:15pm: Luke 1:45pm: Tonight blessed are those who believe for there shall be performance of the goodnews you have received. It’s ‪#‎GoodNews‬ galore!!!

8:17pm: Do not wonder how God will do it, because you may not know how or when. It’s ‪#‎GoodNews‬ galore!!!

8:23pm: #‎PRAYER‬: Oh God, I believe, help my unbelieve. Don’t let it rob me of my ‪#‎GoodNews‬ of miracles, breakthrough, salvation, mercy, healings etc

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