I didn’t reckon I’d marry Mike Bamiloye – Wife, Gloria

Gloria Bamiloye is the co-founder of Mount Zion Films worldwide, a globe-trotting film production evangelist.

Over the years, she has remained an inspiration to several Nigerians, the same way she added value to the lives of those that encountered her.

Through her personal and professional life, she has impacted and encouraged a lot of people. A quintessential woman, Gloria is the wife of the celebrated Christian movies evangelist, Mike Bamiloye.

Gloria has an affectionate lifestyle, which she spontaneously radiates at first meeting.

Mike and Gloria Bamiloye 27 years ago

Mike and Gloria Bamiloye 27 years ago

Group Entertainment Editor of Daily Newswatch, TOPE OLUKOLE, had a chat with her, and came out with same impression of her. In it, she talked about her family and, of course, marital life. Excerpts:

Would you say your background prepared you for all the leadership roles you have played in life?

I think so, but most importantly with the help of God, because I was privileged to know Christ very early in life.

How does a woman excel in her career?

Diligence and humility to carry others along! Women are to play that motherly role – even when they are at the top of her career – in order to attract the love and commitment of the people under her. Some women are not approachable, and difficult to work with when they are at the top. They speak with authority and have no respect or concern for their workers. The woman in the book of Proverb in the Bible was blessed and promoted in her career because she was diligent, loving and also walked in the fear of God. She was able to manage her home and the people around her.

How supportive is your hubby in what you do?

He is always very supportive; he always believes you have what it takes inside of you even when he is trying to counsel or advise you.

How do you effectively combine your roles and responsibilities as a wife and a mother?

I see both as a ministry and as a service unto God, and most importantly my home is the major responsibility and priority of my life. When a woman fails in the home, she has failed in all as far as God is concerned. As the home includes the husband and the children, I try to balance the two. Because it is very easy to neglect the man when children begin to come, forgetting they both need our attention. But your priority must be your husband, and then the children.

How was courtship in your time?

Courtship, in our own time, was interesting, and with the fear and respect for God. It might not have been perfect, but we had some restraints; we were not as loose as the youths of nowadays.

Has that had any negative impact on marriages these days?

Sure, because many of them don’t even understand what they are going into. They see marriage as a child’s play, and on the wedding day they have fun. But when they settle down, they begin to see the reality of it. And because they are not properly tutored in the word of God, they easily get tired of each other. The result is unfaithfulness, fights and what have you. Many young couples of nowadays are not contented with the wives of their youth. It is because you cannot take God out of marriage and prosper in it.

How was your own courtship in particular?

We got to know each other more during courtship as we moved along sharing together our dreams, visions and goals. We communicated a lot. And we were best of friends. In actual fact, our ministry began when we were in courtship.

Did your beliefs come to pass?

Yes, as a Christian, we were made to understand we that need to seek God’s face before accepting any proposal. When we are sure that the man or woman is the will of God, we can then start our courtship formally with their fear of God. And there must be no sex before marriage.

So what really attracted you to him in the first place?

What attracted me to him was his love for God and His dedication for the things of God.

Was it love at first sight?

No, it never crossed my mind that we would marry. We were just friends together with other brethren in the fellowship though he is our senior and elderly.

Mike and Gloria Bamiloye of Mount Zion Drama Ministries - Nigeria

Mike and Gloria Bamiloye of Mount Zion Drama Ministries – Nigeria

Have you ever had cause to regret accepting to marry him?

No, not at all!

How do you settle disputes, and what keeps the union going?

God! I love my husband, but you cannot escape misunderstanding in marriage because of our differences. With the help of God, one will be able to forgive easily and move on. I say God because it is difficult to forgive without His help. We need His help to overcome all these challenges.

Can you share your growing up with me?

I come from a polygamous family. My mother was almost the youngest of the wives. We are five children that my mother has for my father. I was brought up by my elder step sister and brother in Lagos and in Ibadan before I finally came home to continue my education. I’m from Obembe family in Ilesha, Osun State.

What has life taught you?

Because I was introduced to Christ very early in life as somebody from a Muslim family, I came to embrace Him and to walk in His fear, which actually helped me till now. I discover that a life will be meaningful when one is conscious of God and lives in His fear.

Do you believe in love?

Oh yes!

So what is your definition of love?

God is love; and love is also a special affection towards someone.

Would you day love has been fair to you?

Of course, yes. I experience God’s love daily, and am deeply loved by my husband.

How did he propose?

He said ‘will you marry me’?

Is he still romantic?

Well, he is trying to …

Was there any family objection to the relationship?

Yes, serious one, especially when we decided to get married.

Can you share some of your marital challenges with us?

It is not easy following a man with rugged faith. He plans big, aim high many times with nothing in his pocket but faith in God. It has always been a great challenge for me because I must follow and see what he is seeing even though God has never failed.

Given another chance, would you marry him again?

Oh yes, I will; he is a man with sincere love and deep understanding.

What is your advice for the younger generation?

Never rush into marriage. Marry someone that has regards and fear for your God. Such a man or woman will love you sincerely because the spirit of God dwells in him or her.

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