DAY 1 Meditations and Prayers: MFM 70 Days Fasting and Prayer


I caught that from the scripture above to mean ENTRY into the seventy days of fireworks. In the house of righteousness, everything there is always in right order. You cannot find anything wrong there! The gate of righteousness is the entry point into the house of righteousness. Even if you are righteous, but you are not found in the house of righteousness, you may partake of the punishment for the wicked because of being at the wrong place at the right time!

Psalm 118:19-20: Open to me the gates of righteousness: I will go into them, and I will praise the LORD: This gate of the LORD, into which the righteous shall enter.

70 days fasting and prayers

70 days fasting and prayers

When a leadership commit sins, God invokes the principle of collective punishment like a plague or famine which at times affects and afflicts even the innocents too. The same thing happens when God blesses His covenant people, sinners also at times partake of the collective blessings of rainfall and sunshine. You can open the gate of righteousness to escape collective punishment. Lot would have partook of the punishment of the wicked in Sodom and Gomorrah but for the intercession of Father Abraham.

I command the protective and provisional umbrella of Jehovah over your life and family in these seventy days prayer and fasting season in Jesus name. Let the divine canopy of mercy envelope you and your family throughout the rest of this year in Jesus name. You will not suffer together with the wicked in Jesus name.

Let us PRAY:

  1. Every gate of wickedness opened against me by the wicked, I command you to shut down by fire and kill your owners in the name of Jesus.
  2. Gates of righteousness lift up your heads for me that I may enter in the name of Jesus.
  3. Oh gates of righteousness Arise and right every wrong committed against my life by wicked powers in the name of Jesus.
  4. (This is a prophetic action prayer, as you pray it, step out and march forward by faith…) I ENTER through the gates of righteousness into the house of righteousness in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every gate of wickedness assigned against my progress and testimony this week, be disgraced in Jesus name.
  6. You the gate of shame and reproach programmed against my finances and family, I am not your candidate, therefore DIE in the name of Jesus.
  7. O God Arise and unleash your righteousness upon my life, let peer reproach and generational failure be terminated in my life in Jesus’ name.
  8. O God Arise and inaugurate the gate of PRAISE upon my life in the name of Jesus.
  9. It is written (Isaiah 26:2) “Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in.“, therefore, let the gates of truth be opened unto me and let every falsehood targeted at me be disgraced in Jesus name.
  10. Every adversarial challenge at my gate of effectual greatness, crumble to dust in the name of Jesus.

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  1. l have been blessed with this website and l want to join for the seventy day prayer and fasting. l kindly ask if you can email me the daily prayer points for this fasting program.

    many thanx

  2. I feel so blessed to come across this website,Im developing into this prayer warrior .I call myself a member of mfm.God bless you Dr daniel olukoya

  3. I want to be part of the 70 days fasting program. It will be appreciated if you kindly send to my email the daily prayer points. May you not go weary in this work of God’s ministry.

    Thank you .

  4. I would love to be apart of this fast…I came across this Website and thx to Jesus that gave you these fire prayer points it is worthy it…thx you Jesus…thx you for opening this site

  5. Thx you

  6. These prayers points I have been using here are powerful, thank you. Can I be part of the 70days prayer & fasting too, I will appreciate if you can email me the prayer points. Thanks and more blessing in your ministry.

  7. how could i get the prayer points for the last week of the 70 days
    prayer and fasting programme?
    Thank you for the answer
    you are all blessed in JESUS NAME

  8. I have been blessed by this site also.
    please when is the 70 days prayer and fasting starting? Please I want to take part and I will be grateful if you can email me the prayer points for the 70 days.

  9. I want to take part of this 70 days fasting and prayer, please can you kindly forward the prayer points for the 70 days to my email, i’ll be expecting it

  10. Prayer Eagle | August 8, 2016 at 12:19 am |

    @Dagwan from Spain, go and buy a copy at MFM Branch nearest to you. Listed below are MFM branches in Spain:

    MFM Valencia Branch Address: Carretera Aldaia Xirivella, 43 (Poligono) Aldaia 46960, Valencia
    Telephone: +34 659 304 811, +34 632 270 762

    MFM Castellon Branch Address: Calle Republica Argentina No 4 > Postal Code 12002
    Telephone:+34 619 535 713, +34 632 624 933, +34 632 622 354, +34 659 304 811, +34 632 270 762

    MFM Fuenlabrada Branch Address: Calle Everest 10B, Poligono Industrial La Casilla, 28944, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain
    Telephone: +34 632 801 143, +34 632 644 086

    MFM Torrejon Branch Address: 19, Calle Alamo, 28850 Torrejon De Ardoz, Madrid, Spain
    Telephone: +34 632 787 324

    MFM Villaverde Alto Branch Address: 80, Calle Cuidad De Frias, 24-32 28021 Villaverde Alto, Madrid
    Telephone: +34 632 441 838, +34 632 185 811

    Vitoria Branch Address: Calle Barenkale, 23 Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain
    Telephone: +34 632 642 270

  11. Greetings and blessings to all. I am asking to be sent be email the 70 prayers as unfortunately I don’t have the financial means at this time to purchase it. I thank you in advance for your time in reviewing my request.

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