What’s the Prophetic Outlook for 2015? – By Elisha Goodman

The spirit realm has shifted.

Your prayers need to shift with it.

It is a year of darkness and light … where darkness will sometimes try to disguise as the light.

You and I get to decide which side we want to be on. No sitting on the fence.

The LORD is giving us a little bit of time extension here… an opportunity to complete the TAKE BACK that we started last year.

For all those with incomplete testimonies. Many are on the right track but they must keep on the firing line until the job is done…

Our theme for 2015: Christ the anchor of our souls.

For now…

There is hope for you. There is hope for me. I believe that the most rewarding secrets of spiritual success in 2015 are the three foundation lessons I’ve just covered.

27 minutes to midnight - take back 2

27 minutes to midnight – take back 2

To sum up, they are:

(1) your inner-identity as a soldier of Christ …
(2) your thoroughness and tenacity as a Bible researcher … and

(3) your desire to harness the great power of midnight prayer—to wake up the sleeping champion within you…

… to vividly see yourself as the star you were born to be, to envision and feel yourself living the eagle lifestyle, not a small chicken one…

… a life filled with victory, achievement, the security and freedom that comes from having the Lord Jesus as the sole anchor of your soul…

… PLUS all the rewards that marching in the Army of Christ, the unconquerable army of the Sovereign Creator of the universe, can and will bestow upon you if you are willing to keep drinking thirstily from these three inexhaustible founts of knowledge.

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