Yesss!!! Dr. Myles Munroe Died “Empty”

Yesssss!!! EMPTY!!! We cannot exhaust all the inspirational and motivational content of his message on purpose and leadership for the next 100 years if the Lord tarries… that is why I am convinced that my mentor (Dr.Myles Munroe) died “empty” and fulfilled. We cannot finish collecting what he has deposited into the world of impact for the century, if the Lord, tarries!

Death has been disgraced and swallowed up in victory! the grave lost its victory to Dr Myles Munroe, the sting of death was rendered impotent by my Raboni…. Adieu Mentor.

His passing unto glory should signify a rebirth of purpose for those floundering soldiers of Christ on earthly. The best tribute and honour to this strange man called Dr Myles Munroe is to get more people to find destiny purpose, we are energized by his death to drive on with zeal to fulfill divine purpose for our lives. Let baton and the fire fall on every Elisha that would operate at double his unction for the world and God’s kingdom.

Dr. Myles Munroe

Dr. Myles Munroe

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