Divine Counsel – By Reverend Mrs. Faith Abiola Oyedepo


  1. – Happy New Month to you! I’m glad you made it!
  2. – Rather than watch you as an individual wallowing in self-pity, God sent Jesus to die for you. By His resurrection He raised you up.
  3. – If you are not experiencing positive changes in your marital life, business, career, finances, health, or spiritual life, it is not the will of God. He has destined His children for the top, in every sphere of life.!
  4. – It is sad to say that many Christians are satisfied with being the tail, when God has made provision for everyone of us to be right on top!!
  5. – You will not disappoint God! #ScalingNewHeights
  6. – Indeed, the Body of Christ shall begin to experience greater supernatural breakthroughs, especially, as they begin to walk in a greater understanding of the relevance of the Communion.
  7. – As often as you desire, you can draw from the eternal life now resident in you and reflect the life of God in your place of work, in your family, your business, your health, your finances, etc.
  8. – The Communion is the fuel of eternal life. It keeps the eternal life (which is already inside you) going!
  9. – There is no obstacle that can stand on your way, when you begin to tap into the amazing supernatural strength available in the Communion.
  10. – The communion is for triumph, divine health, etc. Every time you partake of the Body and Blood of Jesus, you gain control over the forces of bondage, defeat and sickness. No affliction can resist the blood. The Blood is God’s last card.
  11. – There is no limit to what God can do in the lives of His people, when thanksgiving becomes a way of life. Psalm 92:1.
Pastor Mrs Faith Abiola Oyedepo - God Loves You

Pastor Mrs Faith Abiola Oyedepo – God Loves You

  1. – Now, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood of the Lamb, I command that spirit of anxiety to leave you for ever! Amen! Enter into your liberty.
  2. – Homes reading this will enjoy God’s peace and fruitfulness!
  3. – No matter how terrible your situation is, it is not worse than that of Job, so give thanks! Job made it, you, also, will make it and your latter end will be far greater than the beginning, if only you will give thanks.
  4. – “To be thankful is to be God-full,” is one of my husband’s favourite statements. A life of thanksgiving is a life of sweatless and tasteful Christian experience.
  5. – Give thanks for what He did yesterday and you will compel Him to act today. Oftentimes, we are so bothered about what God is yet to do, forgetting what He has done already. The fact that you are still alive is worth thanking God for!!!

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