Prayers Against Ebola Virus: Pray for Kent and Nancy

Many may just be happy or content not to be in those parts affected by Ebola but please let us pray for Kent and Nancy who belong to the Samaritan’s purse – an organisation dedicated to missionary work and to providing help to peoples in need, sometimes in remote parts of the world.

You are the LORD,
That HEALETH me,
You are the LORD,
You Sent Your WORD,
And HEALED my Diseases,
You are the Lord,

Please spare a thought for these special individuals who left the comfort of their homes and families to help those desperately in need – at the very risk of their own lives . This coming at a time when the “love of many has waxed cold” and we can mostly only think of our selves and our immediate needs.

Please pray for ALL the victims of this evil and deadly virus .

Prayers Against Ebola Virus

Prayers Against Ebola Virus

We pray that Jehovah Rapha – God our healer will remember them for GOOD. There is nothing too hard for the Lord.

We pray that this Ebola scourge will dry up supernaturally and return to the abyss where it belongs. In Jesus’ matchless name. Amen. Please read the report at link below.

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    1. Laurice Slaughter | August 12, 2014 at 5:33 am | Reply

      The last prayer teaser ibsee is august 8 th please dont stop the teasers as I have only just today discovered this page…will u please continue thebentire 70 days..god bless you and continue to touch soils and lead them to jesus in jesus name

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