Receive access to divine ideas in the name of Jesus!
I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, all your financial struggles come to an end!
Watch out for divine surprises this week.
Your breakthrough is this week in the name of Jesus.
I decree the destruction of every yoke of the enemy on your life in the mighty name of Jesus!
Every chaff of barrenness and miscarriage is consumed in the name of Jesus.
Every poison in your body is neutralized.
Receive the grace for liberality.
Every area of pity in your life is turned to testimonies in Jesus’ name!
God is taking you over and above in Jesus’ name!
Today is your day of restoration!
This week is declared your week of breakthroughs!
Everything you lay your hands will prosper!
The last mis-investment you had, is the last you will ever experience in the name of Jesus!
Every dying or dead organ in your body receives life in Jesus’ name!
Your sight is restored in Jesus name.
The yoke of selfishness, hard-fistedness is broken in your life in the mighty name of Jesus!
Receive grace to live an honorable life!
Every of your desire in this season is satisfied in Jesus’ name.
Your life will never lack testimonies again!
Without sweat, God will take you to the topmost top!
Every manner of sickness in your life is healed in the name of Jesus!
Welcome to realm of supernatural additions! Halleluyah!
Sickness comes to an end in your life in the name of Jesus!
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  1. needing favor over my court case (favor with the lawyers and judge to grant me citizenship of the USA. In the name of Jesus)

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