The LOST Church, The Church of PRECIPICE – By David Oludairo


This message is directed to you ONLY if (1) you are a believer in Jesus Christ, and (2) if you believe this picture reflects the apparent state of the Church today.

If both statements apply to you, what in concrete, identifiable terms are you doing in response to the current state of The Body of The Person you love the most – Jesus Christ? The Bible is crystal clear that enhancing and facilitating the good health of The Body is the responsibility of every responsible believer. How have you been faring in grieving over this heart-breaking, yet true image of what men have turned the Church into?

Like me, you perhaps may also not be doing enough. But TODAY is the day to repent, to pray for forgiveness, and to begin to act like a true son in your Father’s house. In practical terms, what does this mean? Well, it will differ according to your grace and/or calling for which you will one day give account to God. Specifics may include:

The LOST Church, The Church of PRECIPICE

The LOST Church, The Church of PRECIPICE

YOU CAN PRAY: This is the least that EVERY TRUE BELIEVER can do! God instituted the Church to deliver people from the pit, not to lure them into it. So you can pray fervently and unceasingly that the Lord should arise and defend His interest in the Church; that He should please re-instate the truth as the pillar of the church, and chase out the peddlers of falsehood.

YOU CAN LIVE THE TRUTH: All of us are collectively responsible for the state of the Church today. And we are all, in one way or the other, suffering from the flight of the truth from the Church. But in your little corner, you can make up your mind to dare to be different by diligently searching for the truth and living it. You cannot abide in falsehood and pray to be a tool to flush out falsehood. Most believers that God has designated as His remnants today are living almost exactly like the sick Church they ought to be an example to. This smacks of logs and specks (Matthew 7:3-5) – pls pray to be different from the malaise around you.

YOU CAN SPEAK THE TRUTH: This is by far the most challenging because it attracts the most repercussion from the status quo. Yet, in abnormal times like this, God sends His truth through men – not angels. In the Old Testament, this was done mainly through prophets. But in this New Testament, every believer has the truth abiding in us, and we must stand for that truth, declare it, and die for it if necessary. To live otherwise is to deny Jesus because of the fear of man – particularly because of the fear of men of God, most of whom have been instrumental in leading us to where we are today. Particularly, if God has called you into the office of a prophet in these last days, it is spiritual criminality of the highest order to remain silent while greedy merchants continue to milk God’s flock, and hinder the advance of the Gospel. Not called to be a prophet? Fine, but please pray for extraordinary boldness for all those that God has appointed to speak at this time – the prevailing climate and blindness in the church does not want the truth.

Finally, please do not be passive. One day, as you stand before Him, you will be confronted with this question: “When you saw the Church of Jesus Christ in that sorry state, what specifically did you do about it?”

May your response in that day bring glory to God. Amen.

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  1. Joshua Eroms | July 4, 2014 at 3:30 pm | Reply

    The word of God is truth. anywhere the truth is being spoken the presence of God is there

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