COMMAND THE MORNING – By Dr Daniel Olukoya (21 Testimonies From Amazon Books)

JOB 38:12:“Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place;”

JOB 38:13:“That it might take hold of the ends of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it?”

Command The Morning Book by D.K.Olukoya. Are you tired of being tired? Are you sick of being sick? Are you tired of failure in business, academics, career, etc? This is a book that enables you to take charge of the day. This book is a book that empowers you to de-programme the agenda of the enemy from your day and install the divine agenda.This book will teach you how to command the day and shake wickedness that is working against you out of the atmosphere. All Christians, interested in the issues of fulfilling their destinies, should have a copy of this book

COMMAND THE MORNING Amazon Book by D.K.Olukoya

COMMAND THE MORNING Amazon Book by D.K.Olukoya

The dawn is the foundation of the day and the night is the foundation of the dawn. The powers of the night rule the night so that they might rule the day.What transpires in the night largely determines what happens in the day. Whosoever controls the dawn will control the day. And who controls the night will control the dawn and invariably the day. The night hands over to the day at dawn. A strategic place to be in time and space. You must rise by dawn to command the morning. The battle for the day starts by dawn. Only those who have commanded the morning will command the day. And only the early risers can command the morning, Those who fail to command the morning will have it commanded by another, because it cannot but be commanded.

How do you command the morning? By apostolic decrees. “I am a priest and I am a King”. ” Where the word of a king is, there is authority.” “I shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto me.” The morning can be spoken to in order to affect the day. You must learn to speak to the morning, like this ” I program into the rising of the sun for myself and my household, prosperity and success. And for my enemies I program into the rising of the sun failure and disappointment.’ And your enemy is never flesh and blood but principalities and powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.

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  1. Marleen F. Walaitis (Culver, Indiana) July 8, 2009: “A wonderful, powerful book. A good book for the serious minded prayer warrior. Be ready to see the exciting things God will do when you make a committment to read this prayer every morning between the hours of 3-6a.m. or whenever the Holy Spirit ignites you to pray.”
  2. Audrey Black September 16, 2010: “This “booklet” contains invaluable information pertaining to warfare prayers, confessions and declarations. If you are serious about overcoming the enemy and taking new ground this book will open your eyes to issues from a non-western point of view. This little book is biblical and is now a vital resource in my arsenal of spiritual warfare resources.”
  3. Gerald D. Meadows March 15, 2010: “The book is easily understood by all. I recommended this book to my friends and they are looking to purchase it after reading it.”
  4. Florence Adiele May 4, 2013: “This is an interesting religious book of less than 100 pages. It is a book that teaches you how to exercise dominion over people who belong to the kingdom of darkness. The book gives encouragement on how to wake up for early morning prayer, and command your monrning before the sunrise. It has enabled me to command blessings into my life each day through the early morning prayer. I recommend this book for every christain from all works of life; and most especially for those who have weakness in praying. It energizes warfare christains to subdue workers of iniquity.”
  5. Pabrown March 23, 2013: “If you want to keep the adversary at bay daily this is the best way in which to accomplish this. Before the day began you can command/decree/declare Gods word to be sent into the spiritual realm and cause it to line up with His word. The enemy knows and must obey the word of God; “For it is Written.”
  6. DJC April 25, 2011: “Read this book, then, did what was recommended. I have peace throughout my day like I never had before. This book reveals truths ignored by many. Commanding my morning has made a difference in my life.”
  7. Lady K (Chicago) April 6, 2013: “I keep this book near me for regular confessions. It takes about 20 minutes but the results are immeasurable. Dont leave home without using it to Command your morning!”
  8. Bess February 24, 2013: “I would always have bad days, but since using this prayer book my days have been getting better and better. Praise the Lord !!!!!”
  9. Amazon Customer July 31, 2013: “Let me tell you if you are tired of everything going wrong in your life and when you think that God is not there then YOU need to change your prayers.I was feeling like Peter when he took his eyes from Jesus as he started walking on water and suddenly he took his eyes of Jesus and then he was drowning. the minute I woke up around 5:30 AM and I worship the lord then prayed the prayers in this book all of a sudden!whoa I was in the glory cloud and a beautiful peace came all over me it was awesome!!! you will never be the same again. 2 Chronicles 7:14(KJV) If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
  10. Beryl Alexander October 7, 2013 This review is from: Command The Morning (Kindle Edition): “This have been a blessing to me. My mornings have not been better. God is good and is working marvellously in our midst. Halleluliah!”
  11. John A October 4, 2013: “Because of this book I cant stop praying I have to pray every morning before the sun rise or the day begins. It has change my prayer life. God bless Dr. Olukoya.”
  12. Tiffany Wood September 5, 2013: “This book is essential book that all Christians should purchase. It provides a tool that Christians can follow and live a more effective spiritual life.”
  13. Padelgado7 August 24, 2013: “I recommend this book to every believer that is tired of being robbed of their blessing!!!! & is ready to fight the battle!!!!! The violent takes by force what is rightfully theirs!!!! Great eye opener!!!!”
  14. Sandy Brewer August 12, 2013: “I am enjoying this book, there is a lot of negativity in this world and evil people working for the enemy. It’s a tool to speak into the atmosphere to start your day in the Lord.”
  15. Jojo April 29, 2013: “Thank you so much for this book. It has lead me to a new level of how to view faith.”
  16. Bamidelet March 19, 2013: “Anytime I pray the prayer points in this book I see a difference in all I do for that day. I will definitely recommend it especially to those that understand spiritual warfare and want to be free of any bondage.”
  17. Princess Oluseyi March 15, 2013: “As an Intercessor, this book is loaded with an array of prayer points to assit the reader during his/her time of need. This book although, small in size, is large in warfare prayer…”
  18. Kevin February 22, 2013: “Opened an entirely new understanding of the Spirit world and the believer’s place in it. Some things are a little challenging for a western or Eurocentric spirituality to accept. Occult behavior is more hidden in the states. As I read the book I was reminded in the Spirit that the sorcerers of Egypt turned their staffs to snakes. I was encouraged to be more prayerful and drawn closer to God and have a deeper understanding of prayer’s place in my life. It’s interesting to note how much other religions and witchcraft put an emphasis on early morning and night hour prayers. Be Blessed”
  19. Eleanor Patrick February 1, 2013: “Great book. Informs of the reasons why commanding the morning should be practiced. It also states the truth of the Christians (well most) who do not command their morning. I am a firm believer of that and I was encouraged to continue doing so. An investment for destiny. God bless this author.”
  20. Karen December 27, 2012: “This book should have been at least 3:99 because the price of this book is too much for a used book. It looks interesting by far but it is so small… Back Again to review: When I first read this book I didn’t understand it because i guess the way it was written. I passed it over to my & she just lovesssssssssss it. She was like the devil doesn’t want you to understand it. Then she read a couple of pages to me, and it is great. Amazing devotion. Only if it was a little less I would purchase more of it or if the price was the same but there was no shipping rate. 🙂 🙂 recommend it..”

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