Mid-Year Prophetic Prayers for the Sixth Month – (Part 2)

Luke 1:31:“And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS.”

This month shall be unto you your month of miracle conception in Jesus name. Fruitfulness shall embrace you in Jesus name. Jesus means Saviour, this month, God shall make you an anchor of safety for your family and neighbourhood in Jesus name. You shall become the ambassador of the Saviour in your community in Jesus name. For your sake, your community and family shall be exempted from any evil plague in Jesus name. Every attack that comes against you in one way shall flee before you in seven different ways! in the name of Jesus.

People shall look at you and call you a JESUS BOY or JESUS GIRL because you shall bear the Mark of Christ and nothing shall trouble you; No witch or wizard shall trouble you in Jesus’ name. That mark of Christ on you shall mark you out for favour and honour this month in Jesus name.

O God Arise and Give Me A Winning Gooooooaaal

O God Arise and Give Me A Winning Gooooooaaal!

SHOUT: “O God Arise and Give Me A Winning Gooooooaaal THIS MONTH in Jesus name!”

“…and thou shall conceive in thy womb…” This month, the idea that will transform and catapult your destiny to your glory, thou shall conceive in the name of Jesus! I say, Thou shall CONCEIVE! Thou shall CONCEIVE!! Thou shall CONCEIVE!!! in Jesus’ most fruitful name!

Listen to this, I unleash the rage of the forces of fruitfulness against every barrenness operating in your life! This sixth month, your barreness shall expire and become a terminated history by the power in the blood of JESUS!!! Shout a violent AMEN because ONLY the Violent taketh it by force!


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  1. Marilyn Delvalle | June 20, 2014 at 11:06 am | Reply

    This is great,cause my sister and her kids which one them was born 2 wks ago today 1 mth early are moving in with me. While she gets on her feet,with a job and apt!!!! Amen!!!!!!

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