God Gives and Forgives, Man Gets and Forgets

A Construction Supervisor from d 16th Floor of a Building was calling a Worker on d Ground Floor. Because of d machine noise the Worker did not hear his Call. To draw d attention of d worker, the Supervisor threw a 200 Naira Note in Front of Worker. D worker picked up the Note, put it in His Pocket & continued his Work. Again to draw d attention of d worker the Supervisor threw 1000 Naira note but the Worker dis tym quickly picked it and put in his pocket Now the Supervisor picked a small Stone & threw it at the Worker. The Stone hit the Worker.

God Gives

God Gives

This time, the Worker looked Up & the Supervisor was now able to Communicate with Him. Now think for a Second…God wants to Communicate with Us, but We are too Busy doing our Worldly Jobs. Then, He gives us small Gifts & Big Gifts…… We just keep them …We keep on enjoying the gifts without thanking Him and we say We are LUCKY. But when we are hit with a Small Stone, which We call Problems, then we remember God. Dats when we look Up to Pray & Communicate with Him. God gives, gives and forgives & we get, get and forget…….( Let us change our Attitudes 2day. Don’t wait for stones to be thrown…) Always, Always and Always Remember God. Make it a point of duty to always Say “Father, I thank you”

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