The REAL JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth – By Yandama JesusisGod Toure

Have you been BELIEVING the LIES of satan when he tells you that JESUS is NOT GOD???

READ, and may GOD/JESUS give you understanding.

When GOD revealed HIMSELF to Moses on the wilderness and sent him to Egypt to deliver HIS Israelites from slavery, Moses asked GOD “Who should I say sent me??” And GOD said to tell the Israelites that “I AM” sent him..

So it is a Biblical fact that “I AM” is THE MAIN NAME GOD is KNOWN by among HIS chosen people Israel.

–>>> Check out how JESUS CHRIST uses “I AM”..

blood of Jesus

1. In John 8:58 while talkting to UNbelieving Jews and these UNbelieving Jews accusing JESUS of being POSSESSED BY DEMONS, JESUS called them out on how they claim to be children of Abraham but refuse to believe HIM, and how Abraham was GLAD when he found out about JESUS’ coming to earth. Then HE ends what HE was saying with “I tell you the truth, before Abraham was even born, I AM.”


And the UNbelieving Jews understood it, because they picked up stones to STONE HIM TO DEATH for what they thought was BLASPHEMY.

****In The Bible, JESUS went on to identify the various aspects to HIS “I AM” characteristics…I call them THE SEVEN I AM’S of JESUS CHRIST♥

In random order they are:

1. “I AM The Bread of Life.”
2. “I AM The Light of the world.”
3. “I AM The Door.”
4. “I AM The Good Shepherd.”
5. “I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life..”
6. “I AM The True Vine.”
7 “I AM The Resurrection and The Life.”

EACH of these qualities belong ONLY TO GOD. These are CLAIMS that NO OTHER Prophet TRUE or FALSE has EVER MADE.

JESUS made these claims BECAUSE HE IS GOD, and HE PROVED the validity of HIS CLAIMS by what HE did.

When HE said “I AM The Resurrection and The Life, for instance, HE PROVED HE IS by RISING FROM THE DEAD after HE was CRUCIFIED and was DEAD FOR 3 DAYS. Not to speak of the people HE RAISED from the dead.

I urge you to LISTEN TO JESUS tell you about HIMSELF than to listen to an Arab who showed up about 600 yrs AFTER THE FACT to tell you about a SHABBY Jesus he wants you to believe INSTEAD OF The ONE WHO WALKED ON WATER and ROSE FROM THE DEAD!!!


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