Transcript of JULY 2013 Holy Ghost Service – “The Wonders of His Divine Blessings”

Let’s lift our hands to the Almighty God and let’s bless Him for bringing us back to the second half of the year, let’s give Him glory, give Him honor, let’s give Him adoration. For all the blessings of the first half of the year and now He has moved us into the second half of the year, give Him glory, give Him honor, He is worthy to be praised, bless Him only the living can praise God.…in Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

Lift your voice to Him and say Father, let the second half of this year be more glorious for me than the first half, let it be more successful, more miraculous….in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Join your hands with your neighbor and say Father let this month be full of blessings for all of us… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

You are worthy to be praised 2ce

My redeemer, you are worthy to be praised.

You are worthy to be praised 2ce

My redeemer, you are worthy to be praised.

You are worthy to be praised, King of kings Lord of lords, God of wonders, God of signs, God of truth, you are worthy to be praised, accept our worship in Jesus name.

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the holy one of Israel, the Rock of ages, the Unchangeable changer you are worthy to be praised, accept our worship in Jesus name.

Thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you for May, thank you for June Lord thank you for July.. Accept our worship in Jesus name.

Lord we are asking that this month all your children: those who are here those who are listening by Radio, those who are listening by the Internet, let all of us have a taste of the wonder of your blessings.

Bless us beyond measure and let your name be glorified. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Let somebody shout halleluiah!

July 2013 Holy Ghost Service: "The Wonders of His Divine Blessings"

July 2013 Holy Ghost Service: “The Wonders of His Divine Blessings”


Father Almighty we want to commit into your children born in the month of July, the seventh month the month of perfection, let every areas of their lives Father, let everything be perfect, give them perfect joy, perfect success, perfect anointing, perfect breakthroughs, perfect testimonies, perfect glory, perfect honor and everything that is divine release unto them perfectly and let them serve you perfectly also.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

By the special grace of God if the Lord tarries next month will be our convention and so there will be no Holy Ghost service on the first Friday of the month but the Holy Ghost night will come during the convention which is the second Friday of August.

Now the convention this year is going to be very peculiar and the reason is not everybody is invited.

Am sure that will surprise you, you see if Jesus changes your circumstances and does not change you, very soon the circumstances will go bad again.

If you are healed but you are not transformed by God, sooner or later you will still die. I mean Lazarus was raised from the dead, where is he now? Dead a long time ago!

The convention for this year alone is for those who are hungry for divine transformation, those who want to be changed in out.

The convention this year is not for jokers, it is only for those who are hungry for God who are thirsty for righteousness, who are desperately in need of God, who want to know God, who wants to be like Jesus Christ, if you don’t satisfy this condition please don’t come.

There won’t be enough space anyway, so if you are not coming for serious business with God, please stay at home.

Because from day number one it is going to be heavy stuff. There is not going to be any lecture that will be child play, everything during this year convention is going to be heavy stuff.

You see there are three kinds of Christians; baby Christians who drink milk, adult Christians who eat meat, and then there are those I call the bone crackers, those who crack bones so they can get the marrows.

The convention of this year is going to be for bone crackers, so if you are not ready for serious businesses I beg you in the name of Jesus, please stay at home.

The convention this year is not for jokers; if you are not serious, If you don’t want to come and seek God so that you can be transformed inside out. Please don’t bother to come.

If I don’t come on the first few days when there will be heavy teaching, cant I come on Friday of the holy Ghost service; that will be the heaviest day of all, because this year we want to talk about JESUS.

We don’t want to talk about Father Christmas, we want to talk about Jesus, we want to talk about the unchangeable changer, we want to talk about the one who is the same today, yesterday and forever, we don’t want to talk about the modern Jesus, we want to talk about the old time Jesus.

If you are not ready for old time religion please don’t come. You have been warned! This year’s convention will be very, very peculiar, by the time we finished if the Lord hasn’t come, the few of you who comes will say this is the greatest convention we have ever had.

How many of you will still come in spite of what I said? Are you sure? To be forward is to be for armed.28V38

Tonight we want to talk about the wonders of DIVINE BLESSING.

Genesis 12 v 1-3 now the Lord has said to Abraham get thee out thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show thee, and I will make thee of great nation, and I will bless thee, and make the name great, and thou shall be a blessing and I will bless them that bless thee, I shall curse they that curse thee and in thee shall all family of the earth be blessed.

That passage alone tells you that when a man is blessed, his friends are also blessed, he said I will bless them that blessed thee and his enemies are in trouble because he said I will curse him that curseth thee.

When a man is truly blessed, even his children are blessed, He said through thy seed shall all the earth be blessed,

I pray for somebody here today may the Almighty God bless you, may your children be blessed, may your friends be blessed. May your enemies repent! Otherwise they will be in trouble.

Genesis 24 v 34-35 someone was speaking here and he said I am Abraham’s servant and the Lord has blessed my master greatly and he has become great and he has given him flocks and herds and silver and gold and men servants and maid servant and Carmel and ashes.

May it be said of you very soon, that God has blessed you greatly!

What do we mean when we say blessing?

The speaker before me has given a very beautiful academic definitions, but I will want to just put it in the language of a market woman and say there are two basic definitions of blessing.

Number one;

when all needs are met and then something extra comes on top of it. Psalm 23 v5 David said thou prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, thou anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over.

When the cup is running over, we are talking about blessing. If you already had enough and now you have something extra.

For example, to be well is good, to be healthy is wonderful, but health is a necessity.

Blessings come when instead of just being healthy, healing virtues begin to flow out of you, when you are so healthy that you lay hands on anybody and they recovered, then you are blessed.

And am praying for everyone here today, from tonight henceforth any one you touch will receive a blessing.

But the spiritual definition of a blessing is a summon to forces; all forces on earth, in heaven, underneath the earth to come to the aid of someone, so that the fellow will succeed and excel.

Am going to read to you a passage from the scripture which the preacher before spent so much time on because it is very essential. Genesis 27v 27-29 it is the blessing of Isaac on Jacob.

And he came near and he kissed him, and he smells the smell of his raiment and he blessed him saying see: the smell of my son, is like the field which the Lord Has blessed. Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine, let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee. Be Lord over thy brethren and let your mother son bow down to thee, cursed be anyone that curses thee and blessed be anyone who blesses you.

That is a classical example of what a blessing is; a summon to all the forces in heaven, all the forces on earth and all the forces underneath the earth to come and assist somebody so that that fellow will succeed and excel.

Here Isaac said God give thee of the dew of heaven; that is help from heaven and when God gives you dew from heaven according to Zachariah 8 v 12 then the seed you plant shall prosper, your vine will be fruitful and the ground will give the increase.

And then he went further and say not only is heaven to help you, he said also of the fatness of the earth. Psalm 36 v 38 says when that happens you will get abundant satisfaction. Not just satisfied, but satisfied abundantly.

Then he moved on to say ‘let people serve thee”.

And when you see Genesis 26 v 12 – 14 the Bible tells us that Isaac had stores of servants. He has servant so many that he was practically keeping them in stores.

Do you know that Esau who came after his brother left and got just the remnant of the blessings from his father ended up with four hundred servants?

Remnant blessing; Four hundred servants!

Am prophesying to someone here today, very very soon the number of people you are feeding will exceed four hundred.

What happens when a man is blessed?

Number one;

heaven will assist him. Deuteronomy 28v12 says when you are blessed, then you will get rain in season to bless the work of your hands.

If you ask any farmer he will tell you the greatest thing a farmer pray for is that the rain will fall when due. If it falls too soon, it will destroy the crop. If it fails to fall at the right time the crop will not mature. Rain in season!

I pray for you that from today onward you will enjoy rain in season.

When a man is blessed, even the sun and the moon will corporate with him Joshua10 v 12- 14 Joshua was fighting and the sun was about to set, he lifted up his eyes to heaven and said sun stay where you are, moon stay where you are until I finished my assignment.

The sun corporate, the moon corporate because Joshua was a blessed man.

2 kings 20 v 1 -11 Ezekiel was sick, God said he was going to die, he cried to God and said I don’t want to go yet, God said ‘alright I will prolong your life, I give you additional fifteen years’ and he asked the man of God, ‘will you give me a sign?’ The man of God said what sign do you want? He said “I want the sun to go back; tell the sun to retrace its step”. When you are blessed even the sun will corporate with you.

I can give you several examples when we say the sun and the moon will corporate with you it has a deeper meaning; it means season will corporate with you.

I give you an illustration or two and I have evidence and witnesses here.

Some years ago when we were starting bible study fellowship at University of Ibadan (UI), we were only five when we start in the house of Professor Aboaba.

The Bible study grew, more and more professors joined us so the sitting room couldn’t contain us, so we moved to the backyard.

One day as were settling down for Bible study, rain came and you know professors, they wanted to run away.

And I lifted my hands and I said rain you can’t fall now. Rain fell everywhere in UI, except the compound of Professor Aboaba, if you don’t belief me ask him he will tell you.

I give you another example; we went to Abeokuta to hold a crusade, in front of the palace. Just as I gave the altar call and people where begin to troop forward. Rain came and the people who were surging forward suddenly began to move back.

So I said rain, stay where you are you can’t fall now, and rain rolled like carpet away from where we were holding the meeting. I think that happened on Saturday.

The program was for three days, on Monday when we finished and as I was about to close the meeting, Pastor Abatan came to me and said sir, you are going, will you please release the rain?

I mentioned names so that you can check these are true stories. I said rain will fall after we leave, we tidy up and we did everything. Less than 30 minutes after we left town, rain came.

Beginning from today even the sun and the moon will corporate with you.

Maybe I should tell you one or two more; Some years ago, I was invited to a very important meeting in a place called Denver Colorado in United State and the meeting was going to take place in January and those who knows America knows that Denver can be very , very cold in January.

It was in the middle of winter, I said daddy should I go? He said go. I said what are we going to do about winter? He said don’t worry about that.

I was there for three days; they are hearing me now from all over the world so you can be sure those who were there then will remember. During the three days I was there people where wearing t-shirt because summer came.

I left the place at 5pm, before 6pm, 12 ½ centimeter of snow filled the place.

Some of you have heard the story before; years ago when the only auditorium we had here was the first auditorium beside the road.

I wanted to pray in the night, the whole of this place was jungle and some people came to pray in the auditorium and they were so loud, I wasn’t getting sufficient silence for my meditation.

So I took my touch light and I was walking along the bush path, I went deeper and deeper into the jungle so I can focus on God.

Now it was one of this modern touch light with rechargeable batteries, when I switch it on when I was leaving home the light was bright, after I had gone far into the jungle, very close to the river there, suddenly I pressed the touch light because I heard a sound and the light went out.

Ah! How do I get black?

It was pitched black. Darkness! How do I move through the jungle back to where there was some little light, the light then wasn’t much!

Then I remembered that when I was young, our teacher told us that if you suddenly find yourself in darkness, if you close your eyes, by the time you open your eyes, the darkness won’t be so dark anymore.

So I closed my eyes by the time I opened my eyes, there was bright moon light, all over the place.

And I walked all the way back to where there was light and then I remembered there was no moon light when I was going, how come? And I looked up and there was no moon.

When you are blessed, the sun, the moon, the rain will corporate with you.

And the prayer I am about to pray now, is for my children only. Forgive me! All those who call me daddy, even as God has blessed me so shall He bless you.

Do you know in Matthew 2 v 1-11 it was a star that guided the wise men to where Jesus was.

When you are blessed the heaven begins to help. When we say the heavens begin to help that also includes those beings that live in heaven; Angels.

In 1King 19 v 4-8, it was an Angel that brought food to Elijah. Two times; when he was discourage, when he was feeling that he should die, God sent an angel to bring him food.

In Daniel 6 v 19 -22 it was an Angel that came and stopped the mouth of lions so that they couldn’t touch Daniel.

In Act 12 v 5-11 it was an angel that came and set Peter free in prison, the night before he was to be killed.

In 2Kings 19 v 32 -37 it was a single angel from the Lord that fought against Sennacherib and destroy one hundred and eighty thousand soldiers in one night, why?

Because King Hezekiah was blessed.

In Matthew 2 v 13-15 it was an angel that warned Joseph in a dream that Herod was about to kill his beloved son.

Now when we talk about angels, when you see some drawing of angel, you will see them drawing small babies with wings, those are not angels, maybe those are demons I don’t know.

Let me tell you the truth I have seen angels several times and I am telling you, they are huge, every angel that I have ever seen, they are so big that every time you see an angel, the first thing he will tell you is fear not.

You know why? Because you will be frightened! They are big!

One sister wrote about a time when they were in an airplane, a 747 and everything was turbulent and it appeared as if they were about to crash and as she cried to God, she looked out of the window, she saw an angel smiling at her, carrying the plane in the palm of his hand.

I prophecy to someone here today, the angel that will take care of all your enemies will pay you a visit tonight in Jesus name.

But angel can transform into something you can handle and I give you an example; I’ll tell you a story that some of you have heard before.

When I was a little child, I can’t remember how old I was, I was probably be about 6 or 7years old, one of my elder sister got married and moved away to her husband’s farm.

So I asked when we met, where is your farm? And she described the place; when you get to this place you turn right; you get to that place you turn left.

And as a little child I just decided that I am going to visit my sister in the farm, I didn’t know far is not very far, so I began to go.

I took this place, I turned left that place, suddenly I didn’t even know where I was anymore, I didn’t know how to get back home, I didn’t know how to get back to her farm, I was lost!

In my own little childish way I looked up to heaven and said God help me, by the time I looked down I saw this little white dog, I don’t know how it appeared.

But I saw this little white dog and it was wagging his tail and looking at me as if I am a friend, and since I didn’t know where I was going anyway, so I followed the dog, maybe the dog will lead me to somewhere where people will help me and the dog led me to the farm of my sister.

When I got there and my sister saw me, she said

How did you come here?

Who brought you here?

I said ‘that little white dog’,

She said there is no dog on this farm.

We came out, looked outside the hut and there was no dog.

I believed very firmly that God sent an angel to rescue me so I can stand before you to preach to you tonight.

I pray for somebody here tonight that the Almighty God will send help to somebody here tonight.

When a man is blessed, forces on earth will assist.

Number two, forces on earth will assist.

The Lord said there is someone here this night; He said your day of affliction will end this month.

Do you know God can use birds to help you? Psalm 105 v 40 said the children of Israel asked Him and God brought quails. The children of Israel said they wanted meat, and the Bible says, the quail came and by the time they arrived, they were just picking them up as much as they wanted.

In 1King 17 v 2-6 God sent ravens to bring food to Elijah twice a day. They didn’t miss their way.

Fish, God can use fish to bless you, we know the story of Jonah very well, Jonah 1 v 15-17 the Bible tells us that when Jonah was thrown into the sea, it was a big fish that swallowed him, when God finished with him over there, it was the same fish that went to vomited him on dry ground Jonah 2 v 10.

In Matthew 17 v24-27 when Peter wanted to pay tax, the Lord asked him to go and catch a fish, open its mouth you will find a coin there, a fish brought money to Peter.

You know I have always tell you, there is a fish beside you, and the money you need is in his mouth, it is waiting to be caught and you know what that means.

I am talking of somebody waiting to be saved, someone that you go out and fished for is soul, when you win him, everything you can ever need is already there in his hands.

In Luke 5 v 1-7 somebody was telling the story of Peter who fished all night and caught nothing, then suddenly he threw his net and caught so much fish that his boat and that of his friend began to sink.

And he said what happened was that as he was throwing the net all the fish was just jumping in, why?

Because Peter was a blessed man.

I pray for somebody here tonight; every help that you need on earth, will you receive it tonight in the name of Jesus.

He said let the heavens help you by sending dews, let the earth help you, forces on earth and he included that by saying let men serve you.

You know when you are blessed human beings will become vessel of honor in God’s hands bringing blessings to you.

You know I read that passage to you where he said that I am Abraham servant and God has blessed my master greatly.

You want to know where that blessing comes from. Check Genesis 12 v 14-15 all the blessing that Abraham suddenly had came from Pharaoh.

You know the Bible says the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.

I can guarantee you that before the end of the year, there will be wealth transfer.

When the Bible says in Genesis 30 v 27-43, the Bible tells us that Jacob increased exceedingly, where did he get the blessings from?

It was transferred from Laban, In fact when you read Genesis 31 v 1, the children of Laban said this man came and took over the wealth of our father.

Let men help you! When you are blessed, blessing will begin to flow in from people, those you know and those you don’t know.

I was studying the Bible, then I say wait a minute they said Solomon became stinkingly rich.

Where did he get this money from?

And then I saw 2Chronicles 9 v 13-14 the money came from all the kings of Arabia and all the governors of the land, they were all joyfully bringing all their wealth to him.

Then I saw another example in 2Chronicle 20 v 1-25 it tells you the story of Jehoshaphat which you know very well, Jehoshaphat love the Lord, he was a worshipper of God, but he was poor.

So God decided let’s bless this boy. And so He inspired three kings to rise up against him and he told them go and take over Jehoshaphat’s land.

He has no army. It would be a work over. So they were going to war, but they came to war loaded with money, loaded with silver, loaded with gold.

They were wearing golden earrings, they were wearing bangles because there is not going to be any real fight anyway; let’s just go and have fun.

And the Almighty God moves, as soon as these Kings got close to Jehospaht, they killed themselves, and the Bibles said when Jehoshaphat came to carry the wealth. It took three days to carry the spoil.

All the wealth of your enemy shall come back to you very soon.

Forces in Heaven will help the one who is blessed, forces on earth will help the one who is blessed, and this may be difficult for you to handle but even forces under the earth, forces that you will call demonic forces they will come and help the one who is blessed.

I know that is difficult for you to swallow, but I will show you from the Bible. For example, when you read 1Samuel 16 v 15-23 what happened here?

David has been anointed king, he was to be king over isreal but he was a shepherd boy, he didn’t know how they behave in the royal house, he didn’t know what happens in the palace and God wanted to train him under the king that he was going to replace.

How did God do it?

You know the story; an evil spirit from the Lord came and began to trouble king Saul and the servant of king Saul went to him and said sir, an evil spirit is troubling you, you are mad!

You need somebody who can play very well so that you will be refreshed. And somebody answered and said I know somebody, I know a young boy called David the son of Jesse, he is very good at playing the harp, the king said go and bring him.

You know one day God sent me to one head of state in Africa several years ago. And I was trying to tell him how good God has been to him, that God used the British to give him scholarship to come to Britain to study.

After they trained him, he came back and rose up against the British and took his country away from the British.

God took this man into the palace of the man he was going to replace for training.

I am prophesy into someone here today, even your enemy will become a blessings to you very soon.

I can give you several examples, let me just tell you one; in my village, in my compound there was a woman; everybody knew her to be a witch and she didn’t hide it.

As a matter of fact she had killed one or two of her own children and so everybody was kind of afraid of her.

And in those days, am talking of 1950’s when we want to study at night, we eat Kola nut, how many of you know what am talking about?

If you know what am talking about you must be old. Many of us didn’t even know there was anything called coffee and if there was coffee, there was no money for coffee but kola nut was plenty and we kept on eating kola nut.

I love studying at night so I eat kola nut, and if you asked the elders they will tell you one f the eldest way to kill somebody is to give him a poison kola nut.

One day I was in my village, enjoying my kola nut when this woman, a notable witch called me and said “Enoch, stop eating kola nut!” when I told my mother, my mother said oh God! That is the one who says stop eating kola nut! I said even myself I have made up my mind, never again!

Even a witch can be a blessing!

All your enemies from today onward will become a blessing to you in Jesus name.

The Lord asked me to tell someone here tonight; He said because eagles fly alone; prepare to pay the price for your coming greatness.

I hope whoever concerned will understand.

So a single pronouncement of God bless you, can have tremendous implications.

Many people don’t know the value of God bless you.

I mean for example two nights ago, I was going around the camp praying and there was this young man and I could see that he was agitated; he probably had a lot of problems.

He saw that I was praying instead of leaving me alone, no he wouldn’t. He and said daddy pray for me, so in order for me to be able to continue with my prayers, I said God bless you.

I thought he will be so happy and go away rejoicing, he said amen, he said but I want you to pray for me.

I want to say to somebody here tonight; God bless you!

When God blesses you, you won’t lack anything again, because He owns all, the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof.

Silver belong to Him, gold belongs to Him, the cattle upon a thousand hills belongs to Him.

The Bible says God has spoken ones twice have I heard that power belongs to God, so when God blesses you, you can live long.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said I will add more grease to your elbow.

Psalm 91v16 God said with long life will I satisfy him, when you are blessed you live long.

When you are blessed He can satisfy you with strength, He said they that wait upon thee shall renew their strength.

When you are blessed, he can satisfy you with wisdom, Daniel 2 v 20 -21.

When you are blessed, He can satisfy you with Joy, Psalm 16 v 11 says in His presence there is the fullness of joy.

When you are blessed He can satisfy you with Promotion. Psalm 75 v 6 – 7 Promotions comes from the Lord.

When you are blessed, He can satisfy you with victory without a fight, Deuteronomy 28 v 7.

You know many at times when you are blessed, It is after when the battle is over that you will know that some people were even fighting against you because God will fight for you.

I remembered our first convention on this camp ground; I was excited, we are holding convention on camp ground I didn’t know anything was happening but later on, I was to learn that there were four women, witches who held a meeting and decided that they will go and take over the camp before we arrived.

How did we discover?

We didn’t know anything, we just came, had a wonderful time and left, but within a week of the convention one of them came saying “we were four that came; we wanted to take over the convention.”

Of the four, one went mad, one died, one developed a hunch back, I can’t remember what happed to the forth one.

And I didn’t know anything!

I am prophesying for someone when the enemy come against you, they will only come to say we tried and we failed.

When you are blessed; it gives you wealth without sorrow because the Bible says the blessings of the Lord, it maketh rich and added no sorrows.

When you are blessed, then your anointing can overflow; like in Psalm 23 v 5, thou anointed my head with oil, my cup runeth over.

Now to me, one of the greatest wonders of divine blessing is that no man can tamper with God’s blessings upon your life.

They may criticize you, they may envy you, and I think I heard one of the men who spoke before me this evening saying ‘it is better to be envied than to be pitted’. I think that is a beautiful one, I said I will write it down.

Every one of you here tonight, very soon the world will envy you.

They can talk about you, I have told you before, people will talk about you. If you are a failure they will talk about you; they will say everyday you are carrying the Bible up and down, everyday you are calling the name of Jesus, where is the result?

If God prospers you mightily, they will talk about you; is he the only one serving God!

Now which of the two, do you preferred? The second or the first? It is better to be envied than to be pitied.

From tonight henceforth you will never be pited again.

Numbers 23 v 20 a prophet said I receive the commandment from God to bless.

He has blessed and I cannot reverse it. When God blesses you; no witch, no wizard, no herbalist, nobody can reverse the blessing.

Even the pastor who pronounces a blessing upon you cannot say I am taking it back.

So somebody is already blessed here tonight!

In Genesis 27 v 33 when Isaac discovered that he has blessed Jacob by mistake, he said to Esau, Esau, it’s a pity your brother came with subtlety and has stolen your blessing.

He said but let me tell you my son, I have blessed him and he shall be blessed.

Tell the fellow next to you, I am already blessed and there is nothing you can do about it

Recently, somebody said ”please sir I want to testify”

and they thought it will be for two minute and she took the microphone and testified for one hour, and the testimony were so big nobody could stop her.

The Lord said recently somebody testified for one hour, you will testify for two.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said not only will I make you great, I will establish your greatness forever.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said very soon, it will be said of you; his wealth can never be dimished.

I want to take one example and then I will round up, because tonight, I want you to really pray, this is a night when you really need to pray to God and He is going to answer you and pour His blessing on you.

Consider Joseph as a classical example of all I have been saying. In Genesis 37 v 5-11 in his dream, second dream; he saw the heavens already assisting him, he said I saw the sun, I saw the moon, I saw the eleven stars and they were all bowing down to me.

On earth his father loved him specially, Genesis 37 v 3 the Bible says his father loved him more than the other children and gave him a coat of many colors, even though he was still very young, help was already coming.

In Genesis 37 v 18-36 even his brothers helped; they saw him coming and they said here comes the dreamer, let’s kill him and see what will become of his dreams, then somebody said don’t let us kill him, let’s throw him into a well.

And then after sometime they said let’s sell him into slavery; they didn’t know they were helping him. They didn’t know it was in Egypt that his destiny was going to be fulfilled. The brothers helped him

Like somebody pointed out to me not too long ago; even the well helped him; the well was conveniently dry so that he won’t drown in a pull of water.

Men helped him! When he got to Egypt, Potiphar helped him Genesis 39 v 1-6 very, very soon, the slave boy became the head of the house of Potiphar and whether you believe it or not even the wife of Potiphar helped him. Genesis 39 v 7-20

It was because of the wife of Potiphar that Joseph got into the prison.

It was in the prison that he met the butler, if the wife of Potiphar had not lied against him; he would never have gotten to prison, if he didn’t get to prison the butler would not have met him, when Pharaoh had his dream, nobody would have introduce him to Pharaoh.

And then the famine helped him; because it was the famine that finally brought his family to Egypt for his brothers to come and bow before him.

I want to prophesy to you today, people you know and people you don’t know will be used of God to bless you, those who like you, those who hate you, those who appreciate you and those who criticize you, God will use all of them to help you.

But there is something I need to point out to you; Divine blessings as wonderful as they are, are usually conditional.

It’s like somebody said nothing good goes for nothing. Genesis 27 v 1-4 Isaac said to Esau; my boy, he said’’ am here daddy, ‘do you want my blessings?’

He said then take your bow and arrow go and look for an animal in the bush, kill the animal, bring it back home and make me that kind of meal that I love to enjoy then I can release my blessing upon you.

Nothing goes for nothing!

I know some of you will say but you have been blessing us already tonight, oh yes, I have been doing it on credit, knowing that sooner or later you are going to pay for it.

I have always told you that when your brother says God bless you, your brother is merely greeting you.

For blessings to come, It has to come from somebody who have spiritual authority over you.

Your husband can say to you, my wife, God bless you.

Am sure some wives will say that is not likely to happen because they know the kind of husband they have.

If your husband has never said God bless you, to you. Maybe you need to check yourself and change your ways.

If you give him what he likes, he will pronounce a blessing.

And when your husband says God bless you, you can be guarantee God will answer.

Unfortunately the wife hasn’t gotten that authority over the husband, because the husband is the head of the wife.

Your father can bless you and the blessing will be sanction by God your mother can bless you and the blessing will be sanctioned by God.

I have told you, I am where I am today by the grace of God and the prayer of my mother.

Your pastor can bless you, he has the spiritual authority to do so, and of course the General Overseer can bless you, he has the spiritual authority to do so.

That is why you are blessed in Jesus name.

But blessings are conditional, blessings are earned.

God said bring all the tithes into my house and I will replace every curse in your life with a blessing, he said give me your first fruit and I will bless you so much you won’t be able to contain it.

Blessings are conditionally.

Somebody came to me and said I want a double portion of your spirit, I said is that so?

How do think you are going to get it?

You have never ministered to me. Read your Bible; Elisha ministered unto Elijah, the Bible says he was pouring water on his hand.

That is why when the man was about to leave, he said now my boy what blessing do you want me to drop?

And I have told you the story before, I was at Heathrow long ago when we travel economy and they weigh your bag; if it is over weighed they charge you.

I didn’t have money to pay any excess luggage so I carried two carry-on.

In those days they never weigh those ones. And my load are always heavy because I always have plenty of books, books can weigh, so I will load my carry-on with books.

So I was carrying two carry-ons, heavy things; each one heavier than the luggage I checked in.

And I saw two of my boys, and the first one said good morning daddy, I said good morning.

The second one ran to me and said good morning daddy, let me help you carry your bags.

He took the bags and I say God bless you.

The first one turned to me and say daddy, you didn’t say God bless me too?

I said what for?

You said good morning, I said good morning.

You saw me carrying two bags you didn’t offer to help me with one.

And now you want a blessing?

The devil is a liar!

How many of you want to be blessed by God?

Are you really sure, will you be willing to pay the price?

May you be bless in Jesus name.

Let me conclude with this, I told you that when God blesses you nobody can tamper with the blessing.

No human being can tamper with the blessing. no demon, no witch, no wizard, if God says you are blessed, you are blessed. If they don’t like it that is their own headache.

And in the Name that is above every other names, all those who are criticizing you now will one day celebrate you.

The only one who can reverse a divine blessing is God Himself.

1samuel 2v 30 God said to Eli, I said indeed that you and your father’s house will stand before me forever, but how I say be it far from it, He said because those who honor, I will honor and those who despise me, I will lightly esteem.

Listen to me very well, this might be a little of the convention.

You know we go about shouting “forever Oh Lord, thy word is settled in heaven, it is settled.”

The word of God is settled, unless God decides to change it. Forever oh Lord they word is settled!

That is true, but our God is in the heavens He does as He pleases, He retains His Sovereignty.

He said I said indeed, “Eli, you and your father’s house you will be a family of priest, He said but now I say your children will be begging for food in the church house. He says I change my mind.

Look when Hezekiah was sick, God sent Isaiah, ‘go and tell him, put your house in order you are going to die’.

And he got to the king, oh King, thus say the Lord, you are a dead man.

The king said, Sir is there anything I can do? No, am a messenger he has spoken, forever oh Lord thy word is settle.

Hezekiah said that is alright, I know what to do. He says Almighty God you better pay attention; I have been serving you whole heartedly and if I die now, the numbers of those who are praising you on earth will be less by one, you better leave me here because you have plenty of angels over there praising You.

God said that is true, He told Isaiah I have changed my mind, go back and tell him, you are not dying anymore.

Who told you God can’t change His MIND?

Am talking to bone crackers now.

If God decides to bless you and you mess up, He can change a blessing to a curse.

Don’t forget am telling you; am talking about God am not talking about father Christmas, am not talking about a sugar daddy, am talking about the Almighty God, the unchangeable changer.

There are many of you here, God has sent to you again and again, words of Prophecy that you know, that you know, that you know this is directly from God to me.

Am sure many of you at times you even tremble when you see how God accurately pinpointed you.

The Lord still ask me to tell someone, He said there is a part of your body got damaged recently God says I should tell you, He will replace it.

Even in judgment He remembers mercy, the Lord says the enemy will soon replace you in the pit where they put you.

Some prophecies will come, you know God is speaking to you, at time you wonder how did the G.O knows.

NO! The G.O didn’t know, God told Him.

God knows everything!

You know this prophesy are yours, you grabbed and yet you wait and nothing seems to be happening, check yourself, because He says whosoever honors me, I will honor and those who despise me , I will lightly esteem.

If you claim to belong to belong to God and you are leaving in sin and you expect his promises to be fulfilled; who is deceiving who?

He is holy God, He is not a magician, that is why tonight, because we are going to spend one solid hour in prayer, because God is going to answer prayer tonight, this month is a turning point for many people.

Before we pray, if you want to give your life to Jesus you come and give your life.

Iam not going to beg you, but am talking specially to those of you who claim you are a child of God and you are behaving like a child of the devil.

If you want His blessing, you better return to Him tonight and call on Him for restoration.

You want His blessing to remain with you and you don’t want it to turn to a curse.

Say Lord, yes I was born again once, but have backslided, I want to come back to you.

So those who want to be born again and those who want to be restored come quickly now…..

As you come, ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to forgive you all your sins, ask Him to give you a brand new beginning.

Those of you who want restoration, I backslide, Lord am back to you, please Lord have mercy on me. Restore me fully.

The rest of us, shall we please stretch our hands towards these people and pray for them, that the Almighty God will have mercy on them, that He will forgive them their sin today and give them a brand new beginning.
And that all backsliders who are coming to the Lord, the Lord will restore them fully.

… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father I want to thank you for your word this evening, thank you for this your children who has responded, please accept our thanks in Jesus name.

Father please remember your promise whosoever will come to you, you will in no wise cast out, they have some to you now, Father receive them in Jesus name, forgive them in Jesus name, save their souls tonight in Jesus name.

Let your blood wipe away all their sins in Jesus name, please write their names in the book of life in Jesus name, and all the backsliders who have decided to come back to you, restore fully in Jesus name, I pray that these your children will never go back to the world in Jesus name.

Father I pray that anytime they call on you, you will answer them by fire in Jesus name. Thank you Almighty God, in Jesus name I pray.

Now I want to promise you that by the special grace of God I will be praying for you, you will soon be receiving miracles.

So I am going to need your name, your address and your prayer request.


1. Praise Him for previous blessings; spend quality time to bless him for previous blessings. It is one thing to have food; it is another thing to have appetite to eat it.
2. Father, please command your blessings on my family tonight.
3. Father, please send help to me from heaven above.
4. Father, please send help to me from the four corners of the world.
5. Father, all those trying to tamper with your blessings in my life, frustrate them.
6. Father, bless me irreversibly.
7. Father, please empower me to obey you completely from now on and forever.
8. Father, turn me to a mighty blessing to the whole world.
9. Father, let my children be more blessed than I am.
10. Father, bless my neighbor, bless my nation, bless your church.
11. Personal request.

In Jesus mighty name we have pray.

The Lord will answer all your prayers, He will command His blessing upon your family, the Almighty God will send help to you from heaven, from the four corners of the world, God will send help to you.

Anyone trying to tamper with God’s blessings upon our life shall be frustrated.

God will bless you irreversibly, He will empower you to obey Him, He will turn you to a mighty blessing.

You will be a blessing to the whole world, your children will be more blessed than yourself, God will bless your nations, He will bless your church, He will bless your neighbors, He will bless your friends, He will bless you in the morning, He will bless you in the afternoon, He will bless you in the evening, He will bless you in the night time.

He will bless you physically, He will bless you materially, He will bless you spiritually and he will answer all your prayers.

So shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If you receive that let me hear you shout halleluiah!

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