LIVE blogging of September Holy Ghost Service – GOD WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH – 2013


  1. Join us RIGHT NOW @ The September Holy Ghost Service: “God will make you laugh”. Watch it LIVE @
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  2. Father in a very special way, visit all of us tonight!!
  3. Alpha and Omega, You are worthy of my praises today!!!
  4. For those born in September, September is the ninth month of the year. 9 is three times three. God The Father bless these Your Children. God The Son bless these Your Children. God The Holy Spirit bless these Your Children. In every area of their lives, let their miracles be in triples. Draw them closer to Yourself and fill their mouth laughter o Lord. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have prayed, AMEN!!!!
  5. I promise you God will make you laugh!!!!
  6. September Holy Ghost Service – GOD WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH – 2013

    September Holy Ghost Service – GOD WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH – 2013

  7. In the name Above all other names, if God is to visit somebody today, that fellow will be you.
  8. Before you wake up, you will get a divine visitation.
  9. God will take you to a level that you have never dreamed of.
  10. There is a house here today, that there shall be laughter there before the end of this month.
  11. The Almighty God is about to say thank you to somebody. When He does, He will make you laugh.
  12. The Lord said there is a lady here that you felt a sudden movement in your belly. The Lord told me to tell you that the demons dealing with the seeds of your husband have been dealt with by Him.
  13. I am rejoicing with someone that the time to favor you has come.
  14. I am trusting God for somebody here tonight!! All the prophecies you have been writing down, He will bring it to pass.
  15. Tonight in particular, it doesn’t matter your doubt, My God will overrule your doubt.
  16. There is somebody here that you have been weeping every month, this month you shall laugh!
  17. I don’t care if you believe me or not, this month you shall laugh.
  18. The Lord said get ready for a miracle that will open doors to many other miracles!
  19. The Lord said that there are some people who are convinced you shall drown in sorrow. He said this month, He shall surprise them.
  20. The Lord said you have had your own share of shame and disgrace. He said get ready for your season of glory.
  21. The Lord said your progress has been painfully slow. He said get ready to be flying.
  22. I have good news for someone here tonight, it doesn’t matter how hopeless your case is. God will make you laugh.
  23. There is a God that can bring water out of a rock. That God is at The Holy Ghost Service. He is determined to make you laugh!!!
  24. There are things in your life that appear totally impossible. The God I serve will make that impossibility possible in Jesus’ Mighty Name!
  25. The Lord said as Lazarus heard His voice and came out of the tomb, so shall your womb hear His voice.
  26. The Lord said by the time I finish with you, even those who are mocking you shall join you and shout Hallelujah!!
  27. I pray for you today that everything that is causing people to ask you where is Your God, may The Lord God Almighty remove them tonight.
  28. Something brand new, a creative miracle, will be your portion in Jesus’ Name.*Somebody is about to sing, I was barren, and now I am blessed with children.
  29. I don’t the know the situation you find yourself in But God will do something new today!
  30. Armed robbers will not visit you, in the name of Jesus.
  31. If you are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, by this time next year, you shall come with your bundle of twins in the name of Jesus.
  32. The Lord will go with you, bless you, prosper you and use you to bring millions of souls to the Kingdom in Jesus’ name.
  33. Who is going to laugh the loudest, let me hear you shout the biggest Halleluia!!! God bless you.

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