Wisdom Nuggets by Bishop Abioye (Looking Forward)

  1. – The only way to go forward is to look forward.
  2. – You cannot brood over the past and assume the future.
  3. – It takes you forgetting the past to be able to envision the future.
  4. – Forward looking is what birth forward movement.
  5. – Stop holding on to the past if you want to lay hold of the future.
  6. – Empty your mind of memory of the past and fill it with the creative vision of the future.
  7. – Stop looking for human sympathy; rather look up for God’s help.
  8. nuggets of wisdom

    nuggets of wisdom

  9. – Instead of looking around to men, look up to God.
  10. – What comes from above is greater than what comes from around.
  11. – Looking around keeps you around.
  12. – Looking up takes you up.
  13. – Therefore, look up to go up!
  14. – Those who don’t like your face will bless you this week… Say a louder Amen if you believe

-Bishop David O. Abioye

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