Wisdom Nuggets From Goshen by Bishop David Abioye

  1. – God will so bless you to a point that people will be angry.
  2. – If people don’t envy you then you are not truly blessed.
  3. – They envied Isaac not ordinary people but Kings, because the effect of his personal economy was affecting the nation’s economy… Are you following me!!!
  4. – Fear exists only where faith is absent. Introduce faith and fear will disappear.
  5. – When you repent, God returns.
  6. – When you are hardened God stays afar.
  7. – When David repented from his sins, God returned.
  8. – Sin SINKS
  9. – Sanctification is a process of preparing us for EMPOWERMENT…
  10. – There is outstanding result when zeal is married to passion.
  11. – Get rich in the spirit and satan will be unable to reach you.
  12. – God’s Word is the building block for the glorious destiny you desire…
nuggets of wisdom

nuggets of wisdom

-Bishop David O. Abioye

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