Prophetic Declaration from Goshen by Bishop David Abioye

Prophetic Declaration from Goshen by Bishop David Abioye: By Bishop David Abioye

  • -The month of August is declared your month of sudden visitation!
  • -This week is the beginning of your sudden visitation.
  • -Everything you lay your hands to do must prosper this week.
  • -You shall not beg this week.
  • -All pregnant women shall deliver safely in Jesus Name Amen.
  • -No evil news shall be identified with you this week
  • -Sweat & struggling is not of God, so go and struggle no more!
  • -As you go this week, great things will pursue after you
  • prophetic declaration

    prophetic declaration

  • -I pray for every struggling business/career/profession that this month is your month of Sudden Visitation, all the helpers of your destiny will not have peace of mind until they BLESS you!!! in Jesus Name Amen
  • -All the helpers of your destiny will not rest until they bless you today… IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN…
  • -This Week you shall see Unimaginable Breakthroughs
  • -This Week strange breakthrough shall come your way
  • -I see you stepping into abundance, I see you possessing your possessions!
  • -From today you will finally enter into your promise land. No more stagnation for you in Jesus name
  • -Blessings shall locate you from far and near, you shall be remembered for good this week, in Jesus name
Bishop David Abioye

Bishop David Abioye

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  1. Amen, pray for me for jobs have been eluding me for years, no job , no wife no home of my own, my destiny helpers to arise…. thank you

  2. Wonderful declations

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