Wisdom Nuggets by Bishop David Abioye

  1. – The recovery of destiny anchors on discovery of the Word.
  2. – -Have you been experiencing delay in getting married? Have you been shedding secret tears about your relationships? I got GOOD NEWS for you… An end has come to that yoke, you are changing level from MISS to MRS, from MASTER to MISTER… in Jesus Name Amen
  3. – My God will bless you today to the EXTENT that all your enemies will tell you Congratulations! Congratulations!! and Congratulations!!!
  4. – Instruction is the escape route for destruction.
  5. – The future you can’t see you can’t reach…
  6. – If people can define the happenings in your life, then you are the one doing it, but when they cant explain the happenings (blessings, testimonies, breakthroughs, healing, e.t.c) THAT IS GRACE…. Are you following me!!!
  7. – What you do with your night determines what becomes of your day.
  8. – A good day begins with a good night, just as a poor day begins with a poor night.
  9. – Invest in your night and you will earn the dividend of a good day.
  10. – Sow into the night and you will reap it in the day.
  11. – When you stop praying you run dry, you loose taste for sin when you pray, you loose taste for prayer when you sin.
  12. – Lets remain fervent in prayer, anyday void of prayer is a day void of the spirit. LETS PRAY TODAY
  13. – God never allows any incident to set us back. We must see every set back as a step back which simply prepares us for a step up. (Phil 1:12)
  14. – All things work together for our good. All things including the devil are working together for your good…
  15. – The reason you should praise God is not for things, you should praise Him for who He is.
  16. – You are not dancing because things are good but because God is good. The things that are good today may turn otherwise tomorrow, your good car today may become worn out tomorrow… BUT GOD WILL NEVER CHANGE, HE REMAINS THE GOOD GOD!
  17. – Idleness is enemy to destiny. Never allow it to dance around you, it paralysis initiative and destroys destiny.
  18. – You will never find any idle man amount to anything in life. Great marks are made on the premises of β€œbusymen”.
  19. – Being busy sets the pace for creativity. If God were idle there wouldn’t have been creativity. He is ever on the move – Gen.1:2. Be a follower of God – get busy! Eph.5:1
  20. – It is your Word that frames your World, It is your Word that distinguishes you in your World. So, speak faith filled words today.
  21. – … I cannot be poor! I cannot die! I am blessed! The works of my hands are blessed! I am the head and not the tail! I will lend to Nations!!!

nuggets of wisdom

nuggets of wisdom

-Bishop David O. Abioye

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