Prophetic Focus for July 2013 – By Presiding Bishop David Oyedepo

‘Next levels’ greetings in Jesus name.

I have no doubt that we have all been flowing in the supernatural all through the month of June as attested to through the diverse testimonies among the brethren. May this flow never seize both in our midst and in the live of every Winner. Amen.

But what is the Spirit of the Lord saying for this new month?

We live in a world of times and seasons and the understanding of the times is what keep a people in command – Ecc 3:1-11/1Chr 12:32

We also understand from scriptures that extraordinary exploits is God’s agenda for His people in these end times which implies that we are today in the era of exploits and global impact in the body of Christ – Is 2:1-3/ Act 2:17

Remember also that we are in the last days, ‘the mountain-top era of the church and the season of rising of stars in the body of Christ’ – Is 2:1-3/Hag2:3-9/ 1Cor 3:9

Furthermore, every child of God is a seed of Abraham and has his root in a generational impact lineage. – Gal 3:29/ Gen 22:17-18

We also understand that everyone that is Born Again shares a common heritage with Christ, and because “Christ is the bright and the morning star”; every child of God is a potential star. – Rev 22:16/ Jn 17:18/ Heb2:11

Therefore, I believe that the end-time church shall be empowered to start ‘building the old wastes, raising the former desolation, repairing the waste cities, the desolation of many generations.’ – Is 61:1-7

We must therefore seize this awesome moment in order to make the most of the season. I believe it’s prophetically the turn of the church to shine because it is our season of supernatural breakthroughs – Zech 8:20-23/ Ps 87:7

This is why we must come awake to the demands of this great hour of opportunities so as to take full delivery of our double portion and ‘next levels’ package.- Is 14:24

Therefore, the prophetic theme for the month of July2013 is:

The Era of Rising Stars is here! –Mic 4:1-2

David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.

David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.

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Every Winner must therefore get set for extraordinary breakthroughs this month because something in-explainable but undeniable is reserved for everyone of us in this ‘midst of the year’ and we are surely on the way to our high places. – Hab 3:1-19

Remain ever blessed.

Jesus is Lord!

Bishop David O. Oyedepo

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  1. Christopher mocuminyana | July 26, 2013 at 4:43 am | Reply

    I thank Jesus , fear is gone. I have from 7 wisdom prophice and i am answerd. God Man of God and richly with more heavely prophitic ministries. Chris S.A.

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