Winning Souls For Jesus – By Bishop David Abioye

  • Winning is not for sprints runners but for marathon runners
  • – Talk to someone about Jesus today.
  • – Win souls for Him today.
  • – Bring them into the storehouse.
  • – Lets depopulate hell and populate heaven with the message of Good News.
  • -You are not SAVED to make a living, but You are SAVED to make people LIVE.
  • – If you don’t capture your life when you are young it will go out of control when you are old.
  • – Take life serious, if you want it to end glorious.
  • – It is serious approach that leads to glorious end.
  • – If you don’t want to suffer later in life get committed early in life.
  • -Pursue life vigorously, refuse to settle down with mediocrity.
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