The Essentials of PRAYER (Video) – By Bishop David Oyedepo

Prayer must be programmed into your daily life if you don’t want to become a ChAEP MEAT FOR THE DEVIL.
prayer is not an emergency rescue system, it must be a lifestyle for it to work for

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  1. I thank God for The Man of God and the video message. It has enlightened me a lot and encouraged me, and given new meaning on the subject of Mathew 6:33. I have gone through a lot of tribulations, have prayed and fasted for years. This past week after praying with passion i began to feel discouraged and dismayed- Part of me was thinking that God answers me only when I pray for others but not for myself. Another part was telling me that maybe even the prayers i prayed for others were answered not because of any contribution i made. I am nvow encouraged to continue and not to faint because God is God of His word.
    May God give more annointing to your ministry, in the Name of Jesus – Amen

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