Transcript of February 2013 Holy Ghost Service – WONDERFUL

Let’s go ahead and praise the name of the Lord, let’s give Him glory, let’s give Him all honor, let’s give Him adoration. Let’s praise Him, the One whose name is Wonderful, give Him glory father…

in Jesus name we worshiped.

I want you to lift your voices to Him and say Father, Wonderful Jesus; You are the One I have come to see tonight; don’t let me go home empty handed….

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voices to Him and say Father, wonderful Jesus, let your wonders begin in my life tonight…

in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Join your hands together, the Bible says one will chase a thousand, two will put ten thousand to flight. Lift your voices to the Almighty God and say Father, I am in agreement with this your child, give him/her wonderful victory tonight…

in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I know your name, I know your name

Your name is wonderful, I know. 2ce

I know your name, I know your name

Your name is wonderful 2ce
Father, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace. King of kings, Lord of lords, Ancient of days, Rock of ages, Lion of the tribe of Judah, Unchangeable changer, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the One who is the One who was, the One who is to come, the Almighty.

Holy Ghost Service February 2013
Great Healer, great Redeemer, great Deliverer, great Provider, Lord of host, glory be to your holy name. Father glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for the miracles, thank you for the signs, thank you for the wonders, thank you for protection, thank you for your security, thank you for your provision, thank you for bringing us to a new month, Father accept our thanks in Jesus name.

Father your name is Wonderful, today in the lives of everybody here prove yourself, perform wonders, perform miracles, perform signs, let there be joy today, let there be victory today.

Let there be mighty breakthroughs today, let there be mighty testimonies today, by the time we finished Lord let your name be glorified again, thank you almighty God, in

Jesus mighty name we have prayed amen.

Let someone shout halleluiah!

Shake hands with two or three people and tell them that you are expecting at least thirteen miracles from God this year

Daddy asked me to tell you that he meant it when He said he that this year will be a year of laughter for you.


Isaiah 9 v 6 for unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given and the government shall be upon His shoulder and His name shall be called; Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of peace.

Wonderful as we know by now is a combination of two words, wonder and full.

So wonderful actually means full of wonders.

Now when you read Act 2 v 22 the Bible talks about how God approved Jesus of Nazareth as a result of miracles, wonders and signs that He performed among the people.

Now when you read the way it is written, miracle, wonders and signs, they are written in order of superiority, in other words wonders are superior to miracle.

So I am telling someone here tonight, that something more than miraculous is going to happen in your life in Jesus name.

Wonders are a higher category of miracles.

And when you talk about Jesus Christ you will found that everything about Him is wonderful.

His name is wonderful according to Philippians 2 v 9 -11 God has given Him a name that is above every other names. That at the mention of His name, every knee should bow of things in heaven, of things underneath the earth.

His name is the only one that is recognized in three realms; in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth.

Wonderful name!

His love is wonderful, John 15 v 13 He says greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.

His love is so wonderful. You can’t get a greater love than the love of Jesus.

His peace is wonderful. He said peace I give unto you not as the world gives, give I unto you.

The Bible says in Philippians 4 v 7 He says His peace passes all understanding.

His power is wonderful.

In Matthew 28 v 18 He said all power in heaven and on earth has been given unto Me.

His power is wonderful. And I can go on and on.

I can tell you His grace is wonderful, His joy is wonderful, His strength is wonderful and on and on.

But because I told you that miracles are of a lesser degree than wonders that wonders is a higher level of miracles. We want to take some quick look at some illustrative examples from the scriptures.

I will be as quick as possible because we really want to pray, because one of the things about the name of JESUS being wonderful is that it guarantees the answer to prayer.

And I’m sure by the grace of God, every prayer we pray here tonight will be answered wonderfully.

Now healing is a great act of God, when God heals, it is something that we thank God for.

For example in Matthew 8 v 14 -15 the Bible tells us that Jesus came into the house of Peter and found the mother in law sick of fever, He merely touched her head and instantly she was healed.

Now that is a miracle that is beautiful healing. But then somebody may say what is in fever, just take two three tablets and off goes the fever.

So while healing is great, curing the incurable is greater. You know there are occasions where the doctors will tell you that “I’m sorry there is nothing more we can do”,

If they have told you that one, very soon when you stand before them again they are going to say wonderful.

In Mark 5 v 25- 34, the Bible tells us about the woman with the issue of blood. The Bible said she went to many physicians, spent all her money and rather than getting better, she grew worst.

Because the physicians were dealing with situation they couldn’t handle. But when she came in contact with Jesus Christ, in an instant the incurable became cured.

In the name of Jesus Christ any incurable disease, that is here today, will perish today in the name of Jesus.

Someone was pointing an article to me in one of the news papers recently, when a “clever reporter” was making a joke of the miracles God has performed in my life.

He said “Daddy what is your comment?”

I said I have no comment.

Those who make fun of miracle always ending up needing one; one day when the doctors says there is nothing more we can do, suddenly they will remembered there is the God of miracles.

In the Name that is above every other name, from this moment on you will enjoy the miracles of God.

But while we are talking about healing, while healing is great, curing the incurable is greater.

When healing involves creative miracle, then we call it wonderful.

For example in 2Kings 5 v 1 – 14 the Bible tells us about Naaman, who had leprosy.

When at the instruction of the man of God, he dipped himself seven times in Jordan, he was not only cleansed of his leprosy, it wasn’t that he was just cured, the Bible said he came out of the river with a brand new skin, the skin like that of a new born baby.

In John 9 v 1- 7 the Bible tells us the story of a man who was born blind.

It wasn’t that he had bad eye sight; it wasn’t that after he was born, his eyes became bad, he was born without eyes.

But Jesus spit on the ground made some mud out of the clay anointed his eyes, told him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam and the Bible says he had a brand new eye.

He came back with two brand new eyes. When you have a healing that involve creative miracle, we call that one wonderful!

If there is any part of your body that is already damaged beyond repairs, my Father will recreate it tonight in Jesus name.

There was this young man who came to a crusade and at the crusade, something happened!

When he was small, he had only one testicle and the one testicle did not even descend.

So the parent took him to an herbalist who in an attempt to cause the one testicle to descend destroyed it.

So the boy ended up without a testicle at all and yet he went ahead and got married.

Of course you know the result of such a marriage; nothing!

Then he came to the crusade which we held in Row park Yaba in the early 80’s and as the word of God was going on, he noticed that something was happening in his body.

To cut the long story short before the program ended he already got two testicles.

Later on he came into my office, some month later with his wife, by that time his wife is now pregnant and he was sharing the testimony again and in his excitement he said daddy may I show you the testicles? I said there is no need I can see the evidence.

Every one of you needing a spare partner tonight, you will get one is Jesus name.

Now a financial breakthrough is great, in Luke 5 v 1 -7 Peter fished all night caught nothing.

Jesus came into his boat, told him where to fish and he got enough to fill two boats.

That happened once then, the second time it happened was several years later.

So one financial breakthrough like that is good, to win a big contract is beautiful, but one massive breakthrough, I’m talking of the kind of breakthrough that will wipe out all your debt that is better.

For example in 2 kings 4 v1 -7 the Bible tells us of a widow who was so indebted that the creditors wanted to sell her sons to pay the debt, she cried to the man of God and the man of God told her what to do.

And the bottle of oil that she had in the house multiplied. So much that when she sold it, the man of God told her payoff your debt and live on the rest, you and your sons.

That is a bigger breakthrough, the one that clears all debts and there is a lot left over.

But when you have an unending, successful, successive breakthroughs, then that is what we call wonderful.

In 1Kings 17 v 8-16 the Bible tells us of the widow of Zareffat; you know the story, she had only one meal left then the man of God came on the scene and from that day onward the pot of oil is never dry, the vessel of flour was always full every day, she will wake up to discover that everything is full everyday; breakthrough upon breakthroughs.

I’m sure if you ask the son of that woman, what were you saying each time you woke up in the morning and you look at the barrel of oil is full, the vessel containing flour was full, what do you think the boy will be saying? Wonderful!

Do you know there is someone here today that before the end of this year, when you look at your account from month to month, what are you going to say? Wonderful!

I have told you the story of a man before, he might be in the congregation right now, he said to me, he said daddy, there is nothing I can do now to stop money from coming in.

I said I think you better explain because I have not heard that one before. Then he mentioned a particular city and he said the whole street, from beginning to end and it is a very long street, he said every house on that street belongs to him, everybody living there is his tenant, so there is nothing he can do to stop them from paying rent.

I decree to somebody here that very soon you will testify that there is nothing you can do to stop money from rolling in.

Now when a barren woman gives birth to a child, that is great, that is good news, that calls for rejoicing particularly if the fellow is someone that people have written off.

Like in Genesis 21 v 1 – 6 Sarah said who would have thought that Sarah will give Abraham a child, who would believe that at my age, I will still give birth to a child, so when she got one she named the child laughter and I can understand.

But it is better to get two instead of one, like in the case of Rachel in Genesis 30 v 20 -24 when she got her first child she said I know God will give me a second one and by the time we get to Genesis 35 v 16- 18 the second one came.

So to have one is good, to have two is much better, but then when you were barren and people have been mocking you and they have been saying what is the use of a tree without fruit?

And they say stop eating the food of our sons and get out of here and all of a sudden you end up with six children, now what do you call that? Wonderful!

Now that is what happened in 1 Samuel 2 v 21 tells us that Hannah, ended up with six children, she started with Samuel then God gave her additional boys and additional girls, she ended up with six, that is what we call wonderful.

One of my pastors who has been waiting on God for 26 years phoned us towards the end of last year with excitement; daddy, mummy finally God has answered your prayers and He has given me three children at a go.

So we asked her, what names have you given to them; she said the first one is called Miracles, the second one is called Signs, and the third one is called Wonders.

I saw the children last week and I said that God I am looking at Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

All of you who are believing God for the fruit of the womb, before the end of this year you will come forward rejoicing with your miracles with your signs, with your wonder, if you believe God let me hear you shout halleluiah!

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said you know it will take special miracles to solve your problems, He asked me to tell you that the anointing to set you free has been released.

Now let’s talk about deliverance.

Deliverance from an unclean spirit is great.

Mark 1 v 23-26 tells us the story of a man with an unclean spirit. A single demon inhabiting a man can be a terrible situation.

But thank God that the Almighty God has the power to set the captives free. He came in contact with the Lord Jesus Christ and he was free.

But when someone has seven demons inhabiting him/her alone, that is serious.

In Luke 8 v 10-3 the Bible tells us about Mary Magdalene she had seven demons inhabiting her. A woman with one single demon would be consider a witch, a woman with seven demons will be a chief among witches; when the witches are holding their meeting, they will probably tell her to chair their meeting.

But when a man is delivered from a legion as we read in Mark 5 v 1-15 when a man had a legion and Bible scholars mean a legion mean at least six thousand demons, when a man is delivered from six thousand demons at a go that is wonderful!

That is why I have goodness for someone tonight, it doesn’t matter how many demons are troubling you, in the Name that is above every other names you are going to be free tonight.

I have told you the story before of a man highly educated but for one reason or the other, certain demons decided to take him over.

The day they brought him I thought they have brought a mad man, the way he was looking, everything thing about him was evidence of seriously possessed person.

And then he began to tell his story, if he scratched his head cockroach will come out, if he out his hand into his ear butterfly can come out, and he wasn’t a magician.

He said just look at it any part of the body I scratch an insect will come out. I told him that I know some somebody who can set a man free from legion it doesn’t matter how many they are.

At the name of Jesus Christ every knee must bow.

He left, in those days I used to visit my mother every two, two weeks in Ilesha. Two weeks later he came back, I couldn’t recognize him; he had been completely transformed.

I am telling someone here today, all those forces who thought they had already capture, by the time you get home tomorrow morning, they will see you and say wonderful.

Thank you father, the Lord says there is someone here today He said you have become well known because of your many problems. The Lord asks me to tell you that you will become well known for your many testimonies.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; He said your breakthrough will come without previous notice.

Raising the one who has just died takes a miracle like in Mark 5 v 35 -42 Jarius daughter, the girl has just died but Jesus said the girl is sleeping; the people laughed Him to scorn. Jesus drove them out and He said little girl I say unto you arise.

And then people said well the girl wasn’t dead, she was sleeping that was what He said. So raising someone who is about to be buried will take a bigger miracle,

So in Luke 7 v 11-16 there was this widow who had an only son and the only son died.

Not just died, he was about to be buried when Jesus came on the scene and brought him back to life.

Brethren, raising someone who has been died and buried for four days, that one is wonderful.

That is why you see on out poster, the picture of Lazarus coming out from the tomb, all the people there must have been saying wonderful!

You will find that in John 11 v 39- 45 the sister said by now he is stinking. Not just dead, not just buried, he is rotten now.

But there is a God who can reverse the irreversible, and that God is here to attend to your case tonight.

Which reminds me of the testimony of one our sister, the baby in her womb died and she went to the hospital. The doctor said this child has been dead four days, but the woman went to the hospital when the child stops moving.

So they told the husband, we need to evacuate quickly so that it doesn’t become a problem for this woman.

But it was some days to the Congress and the woman said to the husband, “let me go to the Congress first, if after the Congress God doesn’t do anything we can come and evacuate”

The doctor said no!

This thing is already rotten inside you; the baby is dead and decaying.

Somehow the woman convinced her husband because the doctor said she herself will die if we don’t do something.

She said don’t worry let me come.

Monday she came nothing happened,

Tuesday nothing happened.

And then on Wednesday, the power of God came down.

The power of God came mightily that I couldn’t stand up.

How many of you will remember that night?

I asked them to get me a chair.

And the word of God came and said there is a woman here the baby inside of you has been dead for days but the baby is coming back to life. And the woman jumped and shouted, immediately the baby jumped back to life.

I am prophesying to someone here tonight, everything good in your life that have died will resurrect to life in Jesus name.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said the one who sent sorrow to your home, will come back to pick it up.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said this year even your doubt will not stop your sun from rising.

So raising the dead by prayer is a great act of God, no doubt about that like in 1Kings 17 v 17-24 when the son of the widow of Zarephath died.

Elijah threw himself on the child, prayed, went up and down, returned and pray again and at the third time the baby came back to life, that was a miracle no doubt about that.

But when your dead bones begin to raise the dead that is a greater miracle! That happened in 2Kings 13 v 20 – 21 that is the story of Elisha now, he was already dead and was buried and they were about to bury a young man and saw some enemies coming so they threw his body into the cave of Elisha, and as the dead body touched the bones of Elisha, the dead body came back to life.

That is a greater miracle!

But when you consider what happened in Ezekiel 37 v 1- 10 when Ezekiel found himself in a valley surrounded by dry bones and God asked him “son of man can these bones lives?”

The man of God with all his faith said. “God this is beyond my faith only you can tell”

And then the Lord said don’t pray, don’t touch the dry bones, just prophesy to the dry bones.

‘Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord begin to come together’.

I want you to put yourself in the position of Ezekiel as soon as he spoke and am sure he must have been grateful to God that there is no one there to hear him.

Because he must have sounded very stupid even to him.

“Dry bones hear the word of the Lord, come together”.

And suddenly the Bible said there was shaken.

Bones began to come together to join themselves to bones.

If you were Ezekiel what would you be saying?


Let me hear you say it loud and clear.

And then as he was watching, flesh began to cover the bones, skin began to cover the bones,

I’m sure he must have been saying wonderful, but they were still dead, and God said son of man prophecy a little more.

Prophesy to the wind; say wind, I hope you are listening to me?

I mean when he was talking to dry bones he could see dry bones but when he was talking to the wind he could not see anything so he said alright wind blow and the wind blew and suddenly a whole army arose.

I am going to prophesy tonight, I know you are not dead, and you are not dry bones but there might be situations in your life that might beyond hope that looks hopeless.

In the Name that is above every other name, every dry bone in your life should come back to life.

In every situation that the wind of the Holy Spirit must blow so that your hopeless situation might become hopeful again, the wind will blow tonight in Jesus name.

And before this night is over, you will shout WONDERFUL!!

Somebody said that it is what you call that will answer, that if you don’t call a man by his name, he has no reason to answer you.

That what you don’t call, you don’t have any reason to experience. So when ask you to say wonderful and you don’t call wonderful…

I have told you the story before, there must be a reason why the Holy Spirit is reminding me now of a young man who came when I moved to the University of Ilorin.

They gave me accommodation and he came to help me fix the electrical situation there, he put everything in order.

And when he was about to leave he said Daddy pray for me.

I said how much do I pay? He said no, I don’t have to pay, he is my son I should just pray for him but things are so bad financially I will have to give him money for transport back.

So I gave him the money and he said pray for me, I said you don’t need prayer now God bless you.

Thing so bad he didn’t have the money for transport fare, two weeks later he bought his first brand new car.

I prophesy to every business that is already dry bodes, dry bones you shall live again.

The Lord wants me to tell you another story.

I think there might something to this one also.

It is a story also you know.

One of my daughters came to me and said Daddy I am in serious trouble.

I said what is the problem?

She said my husband left me with four children and as moved in with a woman with five children and the five children by five father.

She said daddy, I have done everything I could, I have fought this battle but am totally defeated my husband is gone.

And I just hear the spirit of God saying

Tell her don’t worry.

Tell her your husband is coming back to beg.

She said I am not asking him to come and beg, I just want him to come back because this witch has taken over.

I don’t know what she did to my husband.

I said don’t worry the Almighty God will start a quarrel between him and the strange woman that nobody can settle.

Some days latter there was a misunderstanding between the strange woman and the man.

And the strange woman said unto him.

Don’t you know that your head is not correct?

If your head is correct, how can you leave your wife with your children and come and stay with me and none of these children is yours, don’t you know your head is not correct?

When God uses the devil to solve your problem what do you call that one?

The man said that is true oh,

And he packed his load came to his wife.

When he knocked at the door and the wife opened the door, he prostrated and said please take me back.

I am prophesying to every family here tonight, every evil that has come into your home to cause any kind of problem shall be up rooted in Jesus name.

Now killing a lion with bare hands takes a miracle.

And David did that and you know what a lion means.

A lion is an animal that wants to jump on you choke you and devour you.

Lion represent big bosses who want to crush those who are lower than them.

Killing a bear is a greater miracle because a bear represents an enemy who is pretending to be a friend.

Because the bear hugs his victim to death that is where you get bear hug.

When someone is pretending to be your friend, “I love you”, when he is actually planning to kill you,

To be able to represent that wolf in sheep clothing, to be able to destroy that one is a greater miracle still.

And in the Name that is above every other name, enemies that is pretending to be your friends, they will be exposed this month and they will be dealt with this month.

But then killing a goliath takes something called wonderful.

1Ssamuel 17 v 4- 9 the Bible tells us what Goliath said.

He said to the children of Israel why are you gathered together as an army?’

Give me one man let me fight him, if he can defeat me we all become your slaves, if I defeat him you all become our slaves.

What is he saying?

The devil knew David has been anointed to become king.

Goliath is saying I want to take over that kingdom even before this boy can get on the throne.

So what does Goliath represents?

Goliath represents somebody who wants to stand between you and your destiny.

And in the mighty name of Jesus just as goliath fell, just as goliath lost his head, anyone who wants to stand between you and your destiny will fall this month.

I give you an example.

In one of the nations of the world I won’t mention because this program is being aired all over the world,

We built a Church at a great expense and then we want to dedicate the Church and according to the laws of that land; you have to get approvals of all the neighbors that you are welcome.

And there was this very powerful man, high up in government.

He said I checked in the internet, I read about your general overseer.

That he said he wanted to plant church in five walking distance.

Well! Go and tell him, as long as I am alive his Church will not stay here.

And he is a very powerful man.

And so my children phoned me and said Daddy we have a problem.

What are we going to do?

We have already build the church. If we have not build the church, we will go and look for land elsewhere but the church is already built.

As a matter of fact they were already asking me to come and do the dedication.

I said what is the problem?, why are you worried?

The battle is not yours, it is between him and the Owner of the Church.

If he is bigger than the Owner of the Church well let’s wait and see.

They say so what do we do Daddy?

I said fix the date for the dedication.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; He said the date for your celebration has been fixed.

So they fix the date for the dedication.

A week to the date, and this man is still saying you are joking, without approval it can’t be done.

The man woke up in the morning, he wanted to go to work and as he was putting on his trouser.

His leg got caught in the trouser and he fell forward and hit his head on the floor and that was the end of the story.

Anyone who says you will not reach your goal this month in particular, the Almighty God will uproot him.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; the Lord said I will sustain your joy.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said just like the wall of Jericho fell, all your opponents will crumble one by one.

Now changing your destiny for the better is great.

In 1King 19 v 19-21 the destiny of Elisha was changed.

He was to be a farmer all the days of his life, but God changed it, so that instead of living and dying a farmer, he became one of the greatest prophets that ever lived.

That was great!

Restoring your destiny is greater.

That happened to Exodus 3 v 1 – 15

Moses knew that he was to be a deliverer but something went wrong and he ended up forty years in the backside of the desert until the Almighty God said let’s restore Him.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, the Lord said the relationship between Him and you has not been the way it ought to be for a long time, He ask me to tell you, I will start afresh with you.

Occasionally you find someone whose destiny has been totally truncated, destroy beyond repair.

When God then looks down from heaven at a man with a truncated destiny and He transformed that destiny we can only call it wonderful.

And I give you an example one, just one will do.

In Genesis 49 v 1-7 we have the story of Jacob about to die and he called his children together.

When a man is about to die, whatever he says it is a decree.

He said my children come I am about to die let me tell you what is going to happen to you.

And he began to talk to them one by one.

He told his first born, he said I know you are the first born but because of the things you did you will never excel and that settles that one.

He began to talk and talk then he came to one fellow called Levi, he said Levi, because of your terrible anger he said you are going to be scattered in Israel.

Terrible things coming from a father about to die and he finished saying all these things and died.

So there was no room for anybody to beg him and say father change your mind, it was something that was sealed.

And then suddenly God looked down from heaven and looked at Levi; the one that the father said he is going to be scattered and he said Levi draw near.

I will make you My first born.

He said of all these people irrespective of what their father had said to them, you Levi you will be My first born.

Numbers 3 v 11- 12. Truncated destiny!! Destiny destroyed beyond repairs but the Almighty God said come and be my first born.

In Yoruba Land it is known that if somebody is mad and has not yet reach the market place he can still be cured.

But once the madness takes the fellow to the market that is the end of the story.

Well some of you who are old will remember this story.

Years ago one man came to us; the wife not only ran mad, she had reached the market, not just reached the market; she had reached the market naked even before they knew what was happening.

So it was a settled matter, so they took her to one big herbalist who said well we will still try.

Then somebody who knew somebody told them and the husband came to me and said this is the problem.

I said that is no problem if you tell me where she is I will go and pray. So I went and we prayed.

The relative with whom she was saying, said to the husband ‘I don’t know this kind of man that you said you are sending, he came and he didn’t even pray for five minute, doesn’t he know what we are dealing with?

They were so disappointed and said let’s take her to cychristric hospital. If God do something fine, if not well!

After two weeks the doctor sent for the husband and said what do you say it is wrong with this woman?

Because for two weeks we have been observing her and we have not giving her drug.

If you say something is wrong with this woman then something must be wrong with you.

I decree tonight that if your destiny had been tampered with, it will be fully restored tonight in Jesus name and you will go home shouting WONDERFUL!

Now God performing wonders for you is wonderful.

I mean like in the story 2Kings 4 v 1 -7 when that woman who was in debt came to the man of God.

And the man of God said, go and borrow empty vessels, shut the door on yourself and your son and let your son begin to bring out the empty vessels to you as you pour out the oil.

I was telling some of my children last week Sunday, I said what do you think the boys were saying when the mother was pouring the oil from the vessel and they saw one empty vessel full?.

They brought another one full, they brought another one full, what do you think they were saying? Wonderful!

When your miracles begin to multiply everyday this year what will you be saying? Wonderful!

But turning you to a wonder is more wonderful.

Performing wonder for you is wonderful.

Turning you to a wonder is more wonderful, like in Act 3 v 1 -11 the man who was born lame at the beautiful gate who everybody knew he was lame, he was born lame.

He has been a beggar for more than forty years, suddenly they saw him walking and leaping and praising God. the Bible says they were all amazed. God turned the man to a wonder.

In the name that is above every other names, when people wants to give an example of wonders they will be refereeing to you very soon.

But something most wonderful is when God decides to perform wonders through you.

When He turns you to an instrument or a vessel of honor through whom He can perform wonders Act 5 v 14-16 the Bible tells us that the Almighty God so empowered Peter that his shadow began to heal the sick.

For God to perform a wonderful for you, for him to perform wonder to you that is wonderful, for God to use you to perform wonder, that is most wonderful and in the name that is above every other name you will not leave here until God has turn you to a vessel for performing wonder in Jesus name.

One of my pastors was sharing a testimony yesterday that there was a little problem over a little piece of land we have in one part of the country and then the people came and wanted to cause trouble.

One of them saw our pastor and said is this the land you are talking about they said yes, the Land of Pastor Adeboye?

They said yes. He said the last time when they came to cause trouble he said daddy shook hands with me and my body kept vibrating for a long time. Those of you that want to fight can fight; I don’t want another kind of hand.

That kind of handshake that can heal the sick, the kind of hand shake that can cause the lame to work, the kind of hand shake that can cause the dead to rise, God will give it you tonight in Jesus name.

Let me conclude so that we can have time to pray.

Thank you father, the Lord says there is someone her tonight, he said very soon your testimony will be once upon a time I was despised but now I am an amazement.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said very soon you will announce to your relative and say I told you that Jesus will never fail.

Who deserves wonders?

For whom will God perform wonders? I told you the story of a young man called Levi whose destiny was completely truncated and God completely transformed his destiny and that is wonderful in a high degree.

But what happened?

Exodus 32 v 25-26 Because God never does anything without a reason; Moses has gone to the mountain to collect the Ten Commandments.

The people came to Aaron and said we don’t know what happened to these Moses, we need an idol we can worship and they were already worshipping an idol they were naked, they were rejoicing before an idol.

When Moses came and he saw what was happening he was angry but he couldn’t face the nation alone, he wanted to punished them but he was one man, so he stood by the gate and cried out, “who is on the Lord side, let him come unto me and every sons of Levi crossed over to the side of Moses, they told Moses has cursed us….

We are not going to amount to anything but we are on the Lord side and God looked down from heaven and said Levi, you said you are on my side, then I am on your side.

Your father says you will be scattered I say you will be my first born. Who is going to get wonders from God tonight?

The question then is who is on the Lord side?

That is while if you have not yet given your life to Jesus Christ you better come and do so now. His wonder is for those on his side.

If you are pretending to be a Christian but you know your heart is not hundred percent with God come now.

God is calling for those who will be on his side… it is those who are on his side who will begin to say wonderful.

If you are not on his side you will be hearing the testimony but you won’t be able to say it is mine. If you are not on the Lord side and you want to be on the Lord side, beginning to run forward now….

As you come begin to pray calling on Jesus to save your soul.

Ask the Lord to have mercy on you, ask him to save your soul, promise him from now on you will serve him, ask him to forgive you all your sins.

The rest of you let us pray for these people; that the Almighty God will receive them save their soul and forgive them all their sins.

Let’s call on the Almighty God for all these people. Wish them well that savior will save their souls that he will forgive them all their sins that from today onward they will be called children of the living God.

Thank You Jesus, In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father I just want to say thank you, thank you for your word and thank you for all these people who have decided that they want to be on your side, you promise that whomsoever come unto you, you will in no wise caste out.

They have come now father receive them in Jesus name.

Save their souls in Jesus name. Father forgive all their sins in Jesus name, write their names in the book of life in Jesus name, let your blood wash them clean in Jesus name, Father I am praying that from now on anytime they call on you will answered them by fire, than you Almighty God in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want to rejoice with you because from now on by the grace of God I will be praying for you, so I am going to need your name, your address and your prayer request so I can know how to pray for you. And by God’s grace you will be receiving miracles. Please drop these information here


1. Praise Him for all that He has done for you

2. Father, from now on let me enjoy wonderful health.

3. Father, from now on let me enjoy wonderful wealth.

4. From now on Father, let me enjoy wonderful peace and joy.

5. Father, from now on let me enjoy wonderful anointing.

6. Father, make my breakthroughs wonderful.

7. Father, please perform wonders through me.

8. Father, make my family one of signs and wonders.

9. Father, let me fulfill my destiny.

10. Father, if my destiny had been tampered with, please transform it tonight.

11. Father, every evil force in my family uproot wonderfully. (pray this with great emphasis).

12. Your Special request.

Culled from RCCG Website

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  1. Let’s pray for Christian leaders, that they may not be traped into illuminati conspiracies throught their multiple relentless strategies, let the wisdom and power of God always answer present to their cry, and let them continuously turn away and repent from thier sins, not to give room to the devil, pray for Pastors Chris oyakilomé, billy graham, benny hinn, Kamdem dieunedort and others..THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR GRACE IS SUFFICIENT, THANK YOU LORD FOR LETTING US TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE ALL PART OF ONE BODY, AND IF ONE PART IS AFFECTED, THE WHOLE BODY WILL FEEL THE PAIN.

  2. Help i hardly remember my Dreams i am 50years old what can i do

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