2013 Battle of the Gate – Day 6 Prayer Points



Casting shoe over a land symbolizes possession. The prophetic action to take here is to speak to your legs to carry you to the place of your blessings this year. Commanding your leg never to carry you to the place of sorrow and tragedy this year.

There must be an exchange of fortunes in the realm of the spirit. Thus saith the Lord:“The treasures presided over by the strongman shall change ownership. The heritage of the descendants of Jacob shall be restored unto thee!”

After the praise and worship session, go with your prophetic sword into battle using these 13 prayer points for DAY 6. Pray it at midnight and midday. Pray it during the day too. Couple it with a partial fast breaking at noon, you can go further till 6pm if you have the grace, all I know by the assurance of faith in the awesome power of God that never faileth, He will answer us by Fire!!! in the name of Jesus. God bless you as you read the scriptures, confess the word of God and pray in Jesus’ name.

Deuteronomy33:25:“Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.”

Isaiah 57:13:“…But the man who makes me his refuge will inherit the land and possess my holy mountain.”

Isaiah 60:21:“Then will all your people be righteous and they will possess the land forever. They are the shoot I have planted, the work of my hands, for the display of my splendor.”

Nehemiah 9:25:“They captured fortified cities and fertile land; they took possession of houses filled with all kinds of good things, wells already dug, vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees in abundance. They ate to the full and were well-nourished; they reveled in your great goodness.”

Obadiah 1:17-19:“But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it. And they of the south shall possess the mount of Esau; and they of the plain the Philistines: and they shall possess the fields of Ephraim, and the fields of Samaria: and Benjamin shall possess Gilead.”

Daniel 11:24:“He’ll invade the most prosperous areas of the province during a time of tranquility, accomplishing what neither his predecessors nor his ancestors ever could. He’ll distribute war spoils, booty, and wealth to them, and he’ll plot the overthrow of fortresses, though only for a time.”

Joshua 1:15:“Until the LORD have given your brethren rest, as he hath given you, and they also have possessed the land which the LORD your God giveth them: then ye shall return unto the land of your possession, and enjoy it, which Moses the LORD’S servant gave you on this side Jordan toward the sunrising.”

Isaiah 65:9:“I will bring forth descendants from Jacob, and from Judah those who will possess my mountains; my chosen people will inherit them, and there will my servants live.”

Isaiah 60:21:“Then will all your people be righteous and they will possess the land forever. They are the shoot I have planted, the work of my hands, for the display of my splendor.”


  1. I receive the shoes of iron and brass in battle to march into my strong city and trample down the strongman in, God shall punish them with peril for my sake in Jesus name.
  2. (Prophetically lay your hands on your legs and pray thus:) You my legs, hear the word of the Lord: become the legs of a Possessor and possess your holy mountain now by fire! in the name of Jesus.
  3. (Prophetically slap your legs and pray thus:) You my legs, hear the word of the Lord: begin to crush every serpent standing on your way to your promised land, crush them with your shoes of iron and brass! in the name of Jesus
  4. (Prophetically lay your hands on your legs and pray thus:) You my legs, hear the word of the Lord: become the legs of FIRE and burn every trap set for you on the path to possess your strong city! in the name of Jesus.
  5. (Prophetically slap your legs and pray thus:) You my legs, hear the word of the Lord: Receive the anointing of a bulldozer and overthrow every the stumbling block of delay on your way to the strong city this year! in the name of Jesus
  6. (Prophetically point your right hand to the front, close your physical eyes and open your spiritual eyes, to behold beauty and splendor of your possessions waiting for you in the promised land and declare with fire from your spirit:) You treasures of darkness and hidden riches of the fortified city: Arise by fire, Locate me and decorate my life! in the name of Jesus.
  7. Out of ignorance, Joseph’s enemies paid for his transport to his land of fulfillment, this month and this year, out of ignorance, my enemies will pay the price that will catapult me to my strong city, in Jesus name.
  8. Every fortified city, habouring my divine heritage this year, let your walls crumble by fire and release them to me! in the name of Jesus.
  9. I choose holiness and carry the flaming touch of Yahweh to lead me into my possession in the strong city this year! in the name of Jesus.
  10. Thou strongman, be bound with fetters of fire! I possess my goods which you stole from me by fire! in the name of Jesus.
  11. I invade with fire the palace of the strongman and disarm him for my possession and prosperity this year, in Jesus name
  12. Power of the Most High, catapult me by fire above my mockers and enthrone me in the palace of my destiny this year, in the name of Jesus..
  13. Father, I thank You for answering my prayers speedily in Jesus name.

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  1. Great Jehovah I praise you. I praise your name. Our refuge and cover everyday. Our exceeding great reward. I praise you. Thank you God of glory.

  2. Lord Jesus i thank you for your healing and protection upon me and my family. O Lord my God fight all my battles in Jesus name Amen.

  3. Oh Father in the name of Jesus I pley to you for help for my family and nice Cinthya, help her to come out of the hand of that man who is not good for her, I belive you are the only one can make the miracle, and change thing in ower side.
    Please Lord help us at this moment in Jesus name.

  4. i pray that Almighty God will deliver my family from every attack of the House hold wickedness in Jesus name. Also heal my heal youngest son with speech delay, for Husband to obtain good permanent job. Lord Jesus fight my family battles and provide financial Breakthrough, open door , Good health, protection , Goodness,mercy, favor, wisdom and knowledge, understanding upon me ,my husband, my children.

  5. Dear Prayer Warirors,
    Thank you for these prayer points, God bless you.
    Please i have been following up with the21 days fasting and praying, however the daily prayer ponits are not accessible for those days they are meant for. They are far behinde because the prayer points can not be accessed. Presently day 6 is accessible and the fasting is already on day 9.
    Please help us to meet up to dates on the prayer points by releasing it to us as and when due daily.
    I appreciate your ministry and God bless you.

    Mrs Orija

  6. Please can someone help us,we are four days behind with our prayers points for the 21 day prog.links for day 7 – 10 are not opening

  7. Please remove my email from public view, now . My emai is satill visible.

  8. My email is on the website for the sworld to see. I did not intend to publicize my email. It is not yet removed. I am now going to have to change my email address!

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