Testimony of Promotion

Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ

I give God all the praise thanks glory and honor, for hearing and answering my prayer, “For promotion for my husband on his Job” in the name of Jesus.

I collected prayer points for Promotion and I personalized them for my husband, nine prayer points in all and I started praying them for him, just about every night, since 30th march 2012 and thank God, He has answered my prayer on 31st August,201.2.
GLORY BE TO GOD. God continue to bless this Prayer site, in Jesus name. Amen! Thank You Jesus.


Charmain Mitchell-Fleary



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  1. Chamain congrats.. can u tell us specifically the link to these prayers that brought these mighty testimonies.

  2. I read a lot from the ‘Search Archive’ -Search by Date-Select Months. It starts from 2008-2012. I take out Prayer Points that interest me and I pray them, in the name of Jesus, . Also i read from ‘The Holy Ghost Service (HGS) by Pastor A. Adeboye. He has readings from 2000- 2012, I read! read! read! in the name of Jesus.

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  4. I recieve my international job in Jesus mighty name!!!

  5. I praise the Lord for helping me to achieve my first degree and to get a house. i crave your prayers that I will be able to meet my financial obligations. The house is 7.3 Million Please pray for me

  6. am encouraged b y these testimonies God bless you all.

  7. I have been jobless for over 1year. I have 3 children. Trusting God for a job. please pray for me.

  8. I had been unemployed from the begining of 2012 and then in the middle of the year my husband resigned and we both were unemployed. I have been praying at midnight since the beginning of the year. My husband was offered a good job after three months and then I had a dream that I was going to a prayer meeting. While I was going inside, a lady stopped me and told me to pray for PROSPERITY. After a few days, I was offered a full time permanent job. I praise and glorify GOD for continuously blessing us and PROSPERITY in our life.

  9. I av an experience dt transformed into testimony. I got married to my hubby when d two of us was just a fresh graduate believing God dt with faith will shall get jobs dt will cater for our needs. We eventually had a baby girl & my hubby got a job & i was hoping for my own. We were carrying ON so fine & i got pregnant again for d 2nd child & on d day of delivery of d baby, smthg happened, my hubby lost his job & i av not gotten mine-job. it was so difficult dt what usually come into my mind is to pack out. But i resist d devil by standing up to challenge d challenger. i start a little job dt pay only or less than feeding money for d family, in d process, i got a better job & suffering was a little bit allieviated. still, my hubby is searching. Two & 1/2 yr after i got pregnant & my hubby suggestd an abortion which i say no. That’s my testimony, i delivered d baby a boy, two weeks later my hubby get a better job & we are living fine presently. It’s not easy going through all dt but i give God the Glory 1st, for holding my marriage intact, 2nd, for giving me grace to survive it. P-R-A-I-S-E THE LORD!!!

  10. I thank the Lord for giving me an official car this year. I always say some of the prayers from the facebook page, i give God all the glory because i never expected it. Glory be to God.

  11. praise God. am glad to have visited this website yesterday maybe because God knew i needed it. as i start to renew my spiritual life which was almost dead i urge you to pray for me. i have great fear of the unknown smtimes i cant sleep at all nt that i see anything anyway just fear that consumes me terribly. secondly am praying to God for a Godly husband am 26 yrs old. also pray for me to get a breaktrough at work in terms of promotions and favours. my financials are also a big mess cant even afford to Give God my tithes mostly i find myself bargaining withHim. two of my sisters have graduated but havent gotten any job infact one has has been on and off for 5yrs now. finally i ask you to pray for my mum she is nw a widow. my dad passed away 2yrs ago and she claims to see him come to him. am fearing maybe its the spirits that are coming to her in form of my late dad. please pray for me i am in dire need of help. thank you and may God continue to use you in a mighty way. amen

  12. God is Good!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to hear about the passion Prayer through ma sister, the testimonies are touching really and am sure my prayers will be answered as well. Am touched and feel delivered by the first borne prayer of MFM. As write now am home with my husband jobless we have been jobless for the last 2yrs, its too much but thank God have learnt to fully wait upon his timing. I gave birth to twins in jan 2012 but one of ma baies died, misery has been all around me. Its my prayer request that ma husband gets his appointment from the President, am able to conceive twins by Gods Grace, get a job or a business to do and we overcome poverty. Pray for me.

  13. Calvary Greetings

    What an awesome God we serve, He is faithful and true, His promises are yes and amen. I have been using the prayer points for promotion as well from mid 2012 and yes He is God who answer prayers. I went for interviews in December 2012 and I got my appointment letter on the 18th March 2013 for a higher position.

    He changed my situation for His glory, praise be to God

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