MFM 70 Days Prayer and Fasting 2012 begins Today… How To Go About It

The annual seventy days prayer and fasting program organized by the MFM international ministries has begun. Every year, thousands of believers all over the world participate in this glorious program which has brought immeasurable and uncountable testimonies.

Do you know that there are some problems which cannot be dislodged or dismantled until we apply the amazing power of prayer and fasting?

Do not miss out on God’s promises in this area in this year 2012.

The prayer book for the program is available for order. Order with us today and you will get a copy of the book by mail before the program begins. You can also join any time during the program

Packed with over 1000 prayer points; each carefully broken down into strategic sections on: receiving fresh fire, marital joy and restoration, reversal of evil dreams and nightmare attacks, unlocking financial breakthroughs and prosperity, healing, divine promotion and more.
70 days prayer and fasting 2012
Each day has a selected bible passage and 21 explosive prayer points for the day. You can also read the bible in 70 days by following the concise bible plan at the back of the book.

The fasting book is divided into seven (7) sections of ten (10) days each, for easy spiritual navigation. On Mondays and Fridays you will break your fast by 5.00 pm while on other days, you will break your fast by 2.00 pm.


This annual fasting and prayer programme begins on Monday, August 6, 2012
On Mondays & Fridays alone fasting ends at 5pm
All other days, fasting ends at 2pm
On Friday & Saturday, we pray for the Nations and the Church
There are scripture readings, praises and hymns for each day


Buy a copy of the 70-days fasting and prayers booklet
Do your Scripture Reading
Memorize the memory verse for each 10-day section (it is compulsory to memorize the memory verse)
Sing the devotional songs (Pg 10 – 12)
Do your personal praise worship
Do thanksgiving
Pray the Prayers for the day

You can purchase copies of the 70-days fasting and prayer booklet and give to your friends, family members and others such as prison inmates and people in other such situations. The church can also help you distribute copies you buy. Just buy a copy and deposit it at the foot of the altar (if you worship at the Headquarters) and it will be distributed accordingly. God Bless you as you do this.

Also if you want to learn the hymns in the booklet, there are sing-along CDs on sale to help you master them quickly. To get your booklet and the CDs, contact the MFM International Bookshop

5 Comments on "MFM 70 Days Prayer and Fasting 2012 begins Today… How To Go About It"

  1. What are the time of prayers? and is this a water only fast?

  2. concernning fasting and prayer book, have got the booklet for 2011 , does it correspond with 2o12

  3. how do become part of this 70 day prayer and fast

  4. Lorraine Borgella | August 9, 2012 at 2:17 pm |

    I am living in the Turks & Caicos Islands, I want to take part in your 70days prayer & fasting. how do I go about getting your CD’s and prayer booklet to purchase.

    God bless you.

  5. I will be joining the 70 days fasting using the Prayer Rain, please quote relevant Prayer Points for September onwards. I obviously won’t miss this every year now that I just found out. I’ll start Today!

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