Midnight Conquest, Midnight Breakthroughs

2 Timothy 2:3: “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” If you have never paid attention to it, better do now: Every time your prayers are answered by God, it signifies a REVOLUTIONARY CONQUEST. A problem is like a mountain standing on your way of progress and when you go into prayers and fasting to remove that mountain, what you are doing is mounting a revolutionary insurrection to overthrow that mountain. The result of answered prayers is what I call revolutionary conquest.

Prayer is warfare and only soldiers fight in a war!

11 Comments on "Midnight Conquest, Midnight Breakthroughs"

  1. Dear pastor may God blessed you for the prayer points you are given out it as help a lot. Pls pastor pray for me to get a good job in a good company. Thank luke

  2. Dear Pastor

    I thank you for the prayer points you show us , Pastor i need your prayer can you please pray for to get this job at Telkom , SA am looking for i suppose to start on the 2nd May there i dont know whats holding they have release my letter of confirmation yet , i real need this job and its a permanent job for me. Thank you God Bless you Gcobisa

  3. God of Elijah. Arise! In my Red sea situation

  4. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    I have a very great stronghold around my mind. It has been ministered that it is a 3 fold chain around my mind that is now very thik and rusty. This gives me great physical pain in head, difficulty thinking and great torment.

    Please give me prayer points tht I may use to fight this affliction. It has been as very long time now and I
    am prepared to do whatever is necessary to receive deliverance.


  5. Dear prayer eagle.Please pray for me.I need school fees 5000euros,for healing of the rash on my skin that just started.To be able to stand.To get a job .A place to sleep,i have no home.Am all alone.Jesus help me to finish school and to finish the work Lord you want me to do.God of Elijah help me.I had a dream someone was taping me a recording of instructions i was to follow then i had a dream about several rainbows appearing what is the meaning though?

  6. Can someone help me with an email address So I can send my dreams for interpretation and prayer. I need help. I am new in this site And can’t get my head around finding an email. Even phone number.
    Someone Help!!!

  7. I need prayers for my family,that God should remember us.that he should intervene in our current situation of confusion.

  8. Please we need prayer for help, protection and forgiveness and also we need you pastor to pay for us we want to apply for student visa but it like it will be hard for us so we are begging on you people to help us and pray.

  9. I need divine encounter and revival in my prayer and spiritual life…

  10. PRAY FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION FROM THE TRINITY re:my financial BLESSING MIRACLE;this very wk. of june 21,2015;i ask PRAYERS for my accts. 2 bcm. filled/flooded w. funds!TO TITHE HIS STOREHOUSES;2 bcm. debt free by june 30,2015

  11. Thank you for these prayers I will surely testify.

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